Advances and challenges of AI and blockchain explored at Monaco’s Digital Innovation Summit

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The transformative potential of artificial intelligence and blockchain in reshaping industries and redefining the future was the focus of the recent Digital Innovation Summit in Monaco, which attracted keynote speakers from far beyond the Principality. The inaugural Digital Innovation Summit was held on Friday 17th November at the Association des Jeunes de Monaco (AJM). Spearheaded by Tom Hanneuse and Louis L’Herrou (pictured above), the event convened a diverse group of thinkers and pioneers for a variety of sessions and talks on the revolutionary roles of AI and blockchain. Pioneering speakers Jonathan Xu, a pioneer in image reconstruction, set the stage with his insights into the intersection of AI and mind reading. Through his introduction of MindVis 2 and MindEye2, Xu painted a future where deep learning enables technologies akin to an MRI for the brain, coining the concept “a ChatGPT but for your brain”. His emphasis on ethical considerations in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technologies resonated with the audience, and highlighted the delicate balance between human enhancement and technological overreach. Louis L’Herrou, the co-founder of Altores, emphasised AI’s indispensable role in maintaining competitiveness in the future business landscape and introduced BEMA, a solution that encapsulates the ethos of “crafted once, automated forever”, underscoring the inevitability of AI in the evolution of business. The conversation also extended to the healthcare sector, with Mustafa Hamdi, the founder of Innodeep, discussing how AI can augment medical professionals’ capabilities through a multi-modal platform and potentially revolutionise the patient care and diagnostics. Blockchain: the foundation of tomorrow’s tech Blockchain technology, another key theme of the summit, was explored in depth in a way that highlighted its transformative potential beyond cryptocurrencies. For example, Julien Bonnel, the president of Blockchain Innov and a fintech enthusiast, demonstrated how blockchain could be leveraged for social good by showcasing a project aimed at using blockchain and a mobile app to combat domestic violence. Fabrice Marquet, the founder of Monaco Foundry and a man listed on the Forbes 40 Under 40 list, hen took to the stage to discuss his company’s role in revolutionising the early-stage venture capital space through blockchain. Antoine Demacy, the president of AJM and a founding member of the Monaco Cryptographic Association, explored the use of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs in sectors like healthcare and supply chain. He discussed how blockchain, particularly ZK proofs, could transform these industries by enhancing privacy and security. Visionaries of the summit Tom Hanneuse and Louis L’Herrou, the co-founders of Altores and the organisers of the Digital Innovation Summit, summarised the evening of talks with a speech emphasising the need for deep integration of AI and blockchain technologies. “We are not just introducing new technologies; we are cultivating an ecosystem where these innovations can flourish and redefine our future,” said Hanneuse. “Our goal is to foster an international dialogue about how they can fundamentally change our way of living and doing business,” concluded L’Herrou. Read related: Join the Monaco Life community – the largest English media in the Principality.  Sign up for the Monaco Life newsletter, and follow us on  Facebook, Instagram  and  LinkedIn.    Main photo credit: Tom Hanneuse

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