Clickatell Innovates “Chat Commerce” With New AI Tools For Personalised Business Conversations

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Clickatell, a trailblazer in “chat commerce” based in South Africa, has introduced artificial intelligence tools designed for crafting tailored conversations.

Leveraging natural-language processing, Clickatell AI adeptly understands the intent behind customer inquiries. The incorporation of generative AI enables the provision of substantial and valuable interactions.

By employing artificial intelligence and messaging, this conversational AI solution enhances customer engagement and fosters robust relationships through the facilitation of personalized conversations.

Clickatell AI employs natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend the intent behind customer inquiries, coupled with generative AI to offer meaningful and valuable conversational interactions that evolve over time. Seamlessly integrated into the Chat Commerce Platform, individuals can participate in real-time chats with Clickatell AI, while businesses can empower their agents with AI-generated responses through an intuitive agent desk interface.

Clickatell’s conversational AI solution enables businesses across a spectrum of industries, including Retail, Travel, Airlines, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Automotive, and Education, to harness the power of AI for automating brand experiences in mobile messaging channels.

With time, and the revolutionary self-learning mechanism, Clickatell AI will have the ability to anticipate customer needs and predict issues, businesses will see significant uplifts in CSAT and NPS scores through personalized support based on actionable insights.

“Our vision is to revolutionize service delivery and customer experience in the realm of mobile messaging,” said Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Clickatell.

“Clickatell AI leverages a diverse array of AI technologies to understand customer intent and deliver automated yet conversational responses, all while considering context. Additionally, Clickatell AI equips support agents with real-time, context-aware suggested responses for more efficient customer interactions.”

The value proposition of Clickatell AI extends beyond just streamlining operational efficiency and reducing resolution time.

It also places a strong emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction through personalized, natural, and flexible interactions, ensuring that customers receive the right information in a conversational manner, promptly and at scale.

Businesses can now adeptly manage customer inquiries and frequently asked questions, intelligently and efficiently, while also having the ability to scale their customer service without compromising on quality or efficiency.

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