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The Upbit D Conference, or the UDC, a leading blockchain event hosted by Dunamu, took place Monday, sharing ideas on how to expand the presence of blockchain technology and the blockchain industry as a whole. Under the slogan “All That Blockchain,” the event invited some 39 experts from 29 countries as speakers to discuss related trends, policies, finance and content involving blockchain. Dunamu, the operator of the country’s largest crypto exchange, Upbit, has held the annual event since 2018 in a bid to strengthen the domestic blockchain ecosystem. “As the blockchain industry evolves, the UDC continues to grow,” Song Chi-hyung, chairman of Dunamu, said in his opening speech delivered online. “As the impact of blockchain continues to expand across the economy, culture and society, the UDC has also evolved as a comprehensive conference covering everything about blockchain,” Song said. Speakers including Matt Sorg, head of technology at Solana Foundation; Howard Fisher, former partner at the US Securities and Exchange Commission’ Nizam Ismail, former department head at the Monetary Authority of Singapore; and Oh Se-hyeon, executive vice president at SK Telecom, among others, participated in the event, sharing their thoughts on blockchain technology. Jide Fashola, head of technical integrations at the Cardano Foundation, a blockchain and cryptocurrency organization based in Switzerland, gave a speech on blockchain and sustainability. “I will define suitability as a balance between equity, economy and environment,” said Fashola. “For sustainability, we are working with the United Nations to ensure that we are supporting their goals,” he said, introducing the foundation’s various projects to raise funds for UN initiatives, such as supporting Ukraine. Roger Ver, founder of Bitcoin.com, a cryptocurrency wallet developer, stressed the key attractions of blockchain technology. “Blockchain is completely ‘permissionless’ to use,” he said. “We have had fast payments previously but they were not peer-to-peer payments. In blockchain payments, middlemen are not required in direct transactions.” “When you have more choice in the marketplace, that tends to bring better outcomes,” he said, explaining how blockchain can empower its users. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO and co-founder of Chiliz, a sports token trading platform, introduced “fan token.” On the platform, fans can trade tokens to show their support for professional sports teams. “’Fan token’ is (a symbol of) recognition and having (the fans’) voices heard,” Dreyfus said. “We are trying to bring more innovation to the sports scene.” According to Dunamu, more than 3,700 participants joined the conference both online and in person.

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