EWT/USDT Major Trend. Channel -93% US Energy Sector 11 2023 For KUCOIN:EWTUSDT By SpartaBTC – WorldNewsEra

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Cryptocurrency in coinmarketcap: Energy Web Token. Of the liquid exchanges, it is traded on KuCoin, Kraken (USA), Gate.io. Downward channel. At the zone of its meridian a descending wedge has formed in the secondary trend. The percentages to the key zones of support/resistance levels are shown on the chart. It is more rational to work from the average buy/sell price, as we are already in the first capitulation zone. Decline from the low (liquidity) -93%. We are in the first so-called capitulation zone. This is not the maximum value for altcoins of such liquidity. The range of the maximum capitulation zone is shown on the price chart, which is the range of the downward volatility channel and understanding of market cycles and chart logic, i.e. price movement. Also shown on the chart are conventionally maximum averaged (from the average price) potential market phase targets (not “one-step” pump/dump due to low liquidity at good times, but specifically trends): 1) “participation” (bullish trend development towards the reset zone, i.e. distribution). 2) distribution.. Capitalization is low. There is no HYIP (the project and the meaning is different), it is not a one-step profit from nothing. Suitable for investment if you understand “who and for what”, will or will not be able to realize the intended (not speculation, because it is easier to simply under the “hamster time” given the liquidity) is another matter. Fundamental basis. That is, what it is and what it is for. This is a so-called real project. It is not created for cryptocurrency hype and speculation (money from nothing). Until everything is ready, then the price does not matter. In the project previously invested a large capital not speculative, but more far-sighted direction, which is interested exactly in the development of the project’s intent in the field of energy and control in the United States in the first place, and not in speculation. The Energy Web Token (EWT) is the operating token underlying the Energy Web Chain, a blockchain-based virtual machine designed to support and further develop applications for the energy sector. In times of blackout, it will be relevant. The Energy Web Token is a joint project between Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Grid Singularity (GSy). Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is a leader in research and development in the energy sector. As a renowned think tank, RMI has been involved in many groundbreaking projects in the energy sector. By creating the Energy Web Chain, RMI wanted to harness the decentralized power of blockchain technology to enable participants in the energy sector to develop new decentralized solutions. Grid Singularity ( GSy ) brought blockchain expertise to the project. As a blockchain developer, GSy was the driving force behind the creation of the Energy Web Chain. Together with renowned experts, key Ethereum blockchain developers, experienced energy executives and energy regulators, GSy was an integral part of the EWT launch. Given that the Energy Web Chain network is designed for enterprise use, it supports state-of-the-art scalability and data privacy. The Foundation also recently released a comprehensive technology solution called the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS). This allows users to monitor and manage their electrical systems online. Line chart to visualize this downward channel and the logic of the wedges in it. Secondary trend. Downward wedge zone. Time frame 3 days.

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