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SINGAPORE , Nov. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What is RET and what does it solve? $RET is the digital token of the RET blockchain project, designed to transform real estate investment and utilization through blockchain technology. It serves as a financial instrument enabling the exchange of real estate and property, streamlining the process with efficiency and transparency. The innovative approach of RET extends beyond traditional real estate, encompassing sectors like Food & Beverages and Hotel & Tourism, recognizing their intrinsic link to the real estate system. With the plan to launch through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and be listed on various exchanges, $RET provides a dual opportunity for investors: trading the token in the market or using it to acquire specific properties within the RET ecosystem. This model aims to address the real estate market’s challenges like high entry barriers, lack of liquidity, and cumbersome transactions, making property investment more accessible and diversified. Token Overview – Token name: RET TOKEN- Token symbol: $RET- Total issue supply: 1.000.000- Total circulation supply: 5.279.291 Coinstore Listing – Trading pair: RET / USDT- Trade time: 2023/11/29- Withdrawal time: 2023/11/29 What are the utilities of RET? The RET token, as part of the ecosystem involving platforms like DIGAS, is designed to offer several utilities within this integrated digital environment. Here are the key utilities of the RET token: 1. Medium of Exchange:RET tokens are used for transactions within the DIGAS platform. This includes purchasing intellectual property (IP) in sectors such as real estate, food and beverages, hotels, and tourism, all tokenized as NFTs. 2. Facilitating Fractional Ownership:Through RET tokens, investors can acquire fractional shares in high-value assets like real estate NFTs, making investment more accessible and flexible. 3. Rental and Collaboration Transactions:Investors can potentially use RET tokens for renting out or collaborating their NFT-based properties with DIGAS brand partners, opening avenues for income generation or other benefits. 4. Liquidity in Real Estate Investment:By enabling the purchase of real estate as tokenized assets (NFTs), RET tokens help to address the issue of illiquidity traditionally associated with real estate investments. 5. Strengthening Token Demand and Value:The necessity of RET tokens for various transactions within the DIGAS ecosystem and potentially beyond creates a demand for the token, which can contribute to its market stability and value. 6. Incentivizing Participation:Holders of RET tokens might be incentivized to participate in the ecosystem through potential rewards, discounts, or access to exclusive features or partnerships. 7. Governance and Voting:In some ecosystems, tokens like RET can be used for governance purposes, allowing token holders to vote on key decisions or proposals within the platform. 8. Economic Ecosystem and Profitability:The integration of RET tokens into a broader economic ecosystem, involving real estate, hospitality, and other sectors, aims to create multiple streams of utility and profitability for token holders. In summary, the utilities of the RET token revolve around facilitating transactions within the DIGAS e-commerce platform, enabling new forms of asset investment and management, and potentially supporting the overall growth and stability of its ecosystem. What does the project ecosystem include? The RET project presents an expansive ecosystem that intricately blends traditional industries with innovative blockchain technology, creating a multifaceted network of partnerships and initiatives. At the core of this ecosystem is Real Estate Development, featuring unique and pioneering projects. Residential developments like Aparthouse are reshaping the property industry by merging apartment design with the concept of landed houses, exemplifying innovation in residential spaces. Additionally, mixed-use residential projects such as SHILA at Sawangan stand out with their luxurious waterfront living in South Jakarta, encompassing a vast area and integrating untouched nature with modern living conveniences. The ecosystem also extends into Mixed-Use Resorts. Mawatu, located just 7 km from the International Airport of Flores, is a prime example. It’s positioned as the first privately-managed international integrated township in the region, combining elements like five-star hotels, lifestyle hubs, beach clubs, and shopping centers, thereby creating a comprehensive lifestyle and commercial destination. Hotel Chains form another pillar of the ecosystem, with the Artotel Group being a significant player. This leading Indonesian homegrown Hospitality Management group is known for its creative lifestyle and community-centric approach, managing an impressive portfolio of 52 hotels across the country, from Jakarta to Papua. In the Food & Beverages sector, the project collaborates with entities like Foodiz, Indonesia’s renowned culinary business learning center. Foodiz offers comprehensive support to the culinary business, ranging from operational guidance to facilitating investor funding, thus fostering growth and innovation in the F&B industry. Lastly, the ecosystem makes a foray into the Metaverse and Technology through partnerships with entities like the WIR Group. As a leader in immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Southeast Asia, WIR Group brings a technological edge to the RET ecosystem. With its global patents in AR, the group is at the forefront of integrating these advanced technologies into the broader business landscape. Together, these diverse sectors and partnerships under the RET project aim to harness the power of blockchain technology, creating a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem. This network not only provides innovative solutions and opportunities across various industries but also paves the way for novel methods of investment and collaboration in the ever-evolving digital landscape. RET Official MediaWebsite | Twitter | Telegram About CoinstoreAccessibility. Security. 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