NVIDIA’s way of the SamurAI: CEO Jensen Huang to prioritise Japan for specialised processors

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In an official statement on Monday, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang assured that the company is fully committed to meeting the surging demand for its artificial intelligence processors in Japan. This announcement aligns with Japan’s urgent efforts to reconstruct its semiconductor infrastructure, once globally eminent, and bridge the gap in AI technology development. NVIDIA’s graphics processing units (GPUs) have established dominance in the AI market.

During a press briefing at Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s official residence in Tokyo, Huang emphasized the exceptionally high market demand, stating, “Demand is very high, but I promised the prime minister we will do our very, very best to prioritize Japan’s requirements for GPUs.”

Huang’s visit coincided with Japan’s recent allocation of approximately 2 trillion Yen ($13.6 billion) in an additional budget, specifically earmarked for chip investment. This financial infusion underscores Japan’s commitment to revitalizing its semiconductor sector and staying abreast of AI technology advancements.

It is anticipated that some of the allocated funds will be utilized to support Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC and chip foundry venture Rapidus. Rapidus aims to establish cutting-edge chip manufacturing facilities in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, contributing to the nation’s semiconductor resurgence.

Huang expressed optimism about Japan’s evolving semiconductor industry, stating, “The semiconductor industry that Japan is now starting to grow and foster will be able to produce GPUs.” He emphasized the growing recognition among nations, including Japan, about the necessity of owning and controlling their data, building domestic AI factories, and independently producing AI intelligence.

NVIDIA’s CEO’s assurance aligns with the global trend of nations recognizing the strategic importance of securing their AI capabilities and fostering self-reliance in the tech sector.

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