Saudi Arabia will host the World Expo in 2030 in Riyadh

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Saudi Arabia is taking concrete steps to position itself as a global leader in digital technologies. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for a diversified economy relies heavily on digital transformation initiatives, an area the government has always focused on and heavily invested in long before the pandemic.

As with any rapidly maturing market, the ICT ecosystem in Saudi Arabia is evolving fast, paving the way for a ‘digital-first’ mindset across verticals – including government, health, smart cities, tourism, telecommunications, energy, utilities, financial, education, manufacturing, and retail – with an increased focus on efficiency, optimization, innovation, and customer-centricity.

AI will play a crucial role in Riyadh Expo

The Saudi government has made significant advancements in digitally transforming itself by effectively utilizing innovative and emerging technologies to deliver upon key business priorities, including citizen experience, digital operations, sustainability, and security. As Saudi Arabia accelerates its drive to become a true digital economy, artificial intelligence capabilities will be embedded into every single digital transformation initiative that is undertaken,” said Hamza Naqshbandi, IDC’s associate vice president for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

According to IDC: “With data and AI at the heart of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is developing its own AI strategy and policies, as well as the skills and resources required to fully implement them. AI is expected to contribute over $135 billion to the Saudi economy by 2030, equivalent to 12.4% of the GDP, while spending on AI/ML in the Kingdom is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 22.2% through 2024.

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