XRP – Failure As A CryptoCurrency ? Deep Thoughts

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For those who have been following me here for a while, you’ll know that I’ve always been a notorious fan of XRP. I used to be a true “believer”, #xrparmy and the whole deal. Followed all the XRP pimps (such as BlockchainBacker) on Twitter back when Twitter was still blue… but recently, I’m starting to develop some serious doubts about the fundamentals of this altcoin. And I’m going to level with you here. These are just my thoughts, and you are still entitled to your own opinions infact we encourage it. As a trader; I can’t help but notice the unusual price action on XRP compared to other coins. Did you know that XRP is one of VERY FEW altcoins / cryptos that has been unable to reclaim it’s ATH for years after? Even with the benefit of being one of the first titans in crypto. Other coins have long surpassed their ATH’s. But XRP made one high, and never again. This speaks of weakness in terms of value. And that can no longer be ignored. The unfortunate truth about XRP is that the trading volume is low, and buyers are not keen to buy XRP due to it’s ever increasing unpopularity. This directly creates weak support zones and strong resistance zones, as there is little confidence in the coin and bag holders are all waiting for the first best opportunity to sell. Short term traders would rather take losses than hold indefinitely. XRP has become more and more unpopular over the course of time because of it’s “Pump and Dump” price action. The SEC case and the whole controversy about the Taco stand (founders holding millions and dumping on the market) also didn’t help. Don’t misunderstand. I will still trade XRP. The big difference in my approach, is the matter of accumulating. I’ve been accumulating XRP since about forever. And I have decided I will no longer accumulate. Instead, as soon as the price reaches higher than what I bought for, I will be looking to sell my bags. Considering this argument and the fact that I’m probably not alone in this approach, you can see from a trading perspective how dire this outlook is for support and resistance zones. This is a real pity and hits close to my heart. It’s hard to let go of an ideology you’ve held and defended for years. I really believed in the promise of a coin for institutions, cross border settlements etc. But unfortunately, as a trader, it makes no sense to hold a coin for years, no matter what great promises were made by the creators of Ripple. The truth is, if I bought as much DOGE as I did XRP, my portfolio would have been up x100 compared to now. This is sad, considering that DOGE and many others, like PEPE, are meme coins and hold no real fundamental value. The fact that meme coins do better than a coin “created for banking and large institutions” is a shock. And here’s where you have to ask yourself… was it really?

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