《TAIPEI TIMES》Seventeen receipts win NT$10m prize

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2023/10/05 03:00 Staff writer, with CNA A total of 17 receipts were issued in July and August with the serial number 21981893 that won the NT$10 million (US$309,358) special prize in Taiwan’s receipt lottery, the Ministry of Finance said yesterday. The ministry also said that there were 20 receipts issued with the number 39597522 that won the receipt lottery’s NT$2 million grand prize. The ministry released the winning receipt lottery numbers on Monday last week. In addition to the two most coveted prizes, the three numbers for the NT$200,000 first prize were 09505831, 54219897 and 17469638. Holders of receipts with serial numbers matching the last seven digits of the first-prize numbers won NT$40,000, while those having invoices with serial numbers matching the last six digits won NT$10,000. Other prizes are: NT$4,000 for receipts with the last five digits of the first-prize numbers, NT$1,000 for receipts with the last four digits and NT$200 for invoices with the last three digits. The lottery was instituted to give consumers an incentive to ask for receipts, formally known as “uniform invoices,” when making retail purchases to prevent tax evasion and boost tax revenues. Each formal receipt includes a 5 percent business tax (a value added tax) collected by the government and provides a clear record of each company’s sales revenue, making it easier to track taxable revenue and income. As of yesterday, major retailers in Taiwan such as the 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and Hi-Life convenience store chains and the PX Mart supermarket chain had disclosed the winning receipts issued by their stores. The four retail chains said they had issued nine of the receipts with the special prize number and eight of the receipts with the grand prize number during the two-month period. President Chain Store Corp, which runs Taiwan’s 7-Eleven stores, said its receipts that won the NT$10 million special prize were issued in East District (東區) in Hsinchu, Jhongli District (中壢) in Taoyuan, Wuri District (烏日) in Taichung, and Jhonghe (中和) and Sanchong (三重) districts in New Taipei City. The receipts were for purchases from NT$26 to NT$100. The least amount spent on a NT$10 million special prize winner was a NT$2 service fee for the cryptocurrency trading platform MaiCoin, the ministry said. 新聞來源:TAIPEI TIMES 不用抽 不用搶 現在用APP看新聞 保證天天中獎  點我下載APP  按我看活動辦法

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