10 Years: WIC Perspectives – Outlook of Optimism: AI Empowers Manufacturing

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Fan Jianping, vice president of Lenovo Group and head of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Lenovo Research, expressed his confidence in the development of AI. He stated that the development of AI and foundation models brings us a glimpse of hope in solving the problems that once plagued us. Fan also supported his opinion with a line from Tao Te Ching, “The way of heaven is to benefit others and not to harm”.

Fan highlighted China’s advantages in the development of AI. The government’s encouraging policies, the people’s pursuit of emerging technologies, and the large number of universities and scientific and technological talents can all contribute to the development of AI in China.

Furthermore, he shared the development direction of Lenovo’s AI for manufacturing empowerment. Against the backdrop of China’s push for smart manufacturing, Lenovo’s AI team has been using AI solutions to provide technical support to large, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

On the occasion of the 10th year of the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, Fan Jianping also expressed his heartfelt wishes for the summit.

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