11/30/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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Access National Security News HERE. Access Korean News HERE. National Security News Content: 1. Time to Radically Downsize the West’s Special Forces 2. In Ukraine, Peace Now Means War Later 3. Looks Like ‘Axis of Evil’ Is Back on the Menu 4. As America’s Military Rearms, It Needs Minerals—and Lots of Them 5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 29, 2023 6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, November 29, 2023 7. Retired Lt. Gen. Julius Becton Dies 8. “Digging ourselves out of a hole.” Some thoughts on the current recruiting crisis 9. How to Avoid Defeat in Ukraine 10. Henry Kissinger, America’s most influential diplomat, dies at 100 11. Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by America’s Ruling Class, Finally Dies 12. Taiwan and the True Sources of Deterrence 13. Moscow’s Search for Foreign Recruits Reveals Its Growing Desperation 14. 78-Country Map Rebuffs Claim That US ‘Not at War’ 15. Poll finds strong support for arming Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan 16. US Air Force Osprey crashes off southern Japan, at least 1 dead 17. Rather than play another year, Utah State QB Levi Williams plans for Navy SEAL training 18. Opinion | Ukraine aid’s best-kept secret: Most of the money stays in the U.S.A. 19. Keep soldiers out of our creek, farm owners tell Fort Liberty 20. Hamas Kills 3 Israelis at Jerusalem Bus Station; Blinken Visits as Gaza Ceasefire Extended With New Hostage Release 21. Is there anything to Learn from Ukraine? 22. The United Kingdom’s Indo-Pacific Engagement 23. The Maritime Dimension to the Conflict in Israel Korean News Content: 1. N. Korea says it will ‘never sit face to face’ with Washington for talks 2. U.S. sanctions cryptocurrency mixer used by N. Korea 3. N. Korea says spy satellite took photos of U.S. bases in San Diego, Japan 4. Kim Jong Un’s daughter has a new lofty title 5. Seoul should come up with targeted approach toward Pyongyang’s stratagem 6. Yoon creates new office for policy, soon to create office for science, technology 7. Yoon creates new office for policy, replaces all 5 senior secretaries 8. N. Korea condemns S. Korea over suspension of military accord 9. U.S. military unveils photos of training near DMZ amid heightened tension 10. S. Korea halts Panmunjom tour again over armed N. Korean troops in DMZ 11. The United Nations Command in South Korea: Navigating complexities for regional stability 12. Experts forecast greater difficulties in inter-Korean relations if Trump reelected 13. What Was in the Now-Scrapped Inter-Korea Military Agreement? 14. The Memorial for the Fallen USFK Soldiers since the Korean War 15. Hanwha Ocean developing submarine stealth technology 16. North Korea’s Lazarus Group Rakes in $3 Billion from Cryptocurrency Hacks 17. North Korea’s Kim Gloats Over Spy Satellite Images, Courtesy of Google Maps, as the Peninsula Is Roiled by Breakdown of 2018 Pact Between North and South

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