11/5/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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Access National Security News HERE. Access Korean News HERE. National Security News Content: 1. Chinese Operational Art – The Primacy of the Human Dimension 2. Counterterrorism is Strategic Competition 3. U.S. and Israel Split Over Gaza Goals, Muddying War’s Endgame 4. Special Ops command publishes fictional anthology, envisioning the operator of the future 5. The Gaza war reveals how colleges lost their way on free speech 6. Ukraine: 2024 headwinds 7. An Israeli ‘Pause’ Would Help Hamas 8. America Can’t Afford to Alienate Its Undemocratic Allies 9. Opinion | Israeli leaders shouldn’t neglect the history of fights against terrorism 10. Foreign investment in China turns negative for first time 11. What is behind the 40% drop in China’s U.S. Treasury holdings? 12. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 4, 2023 13. Iran Update, November 4, 2023 14. Get to Know the Influential Conservative Intellectuals Who Help Explain G.O.P. Extremism 15. Zelensky Rebuke of Top General Signals Rift in Ukrainian Leadership 16. Nuclear Talks With China Are Essential and Long Overdue 17. Fact Check: Has Google Earth captured Crimea bridge attack damage? 18. Why Do Young Americans Support Hamas? Look at TikTok. by Rep. Mike Gallagher 19. Why Liberal Academia Needs Republican Friends 20. Migrants Are Flocking to the U.S. From All Over the Globe Korean News Content: 1. N. Korea steps up criticism against military cooperation among S. Korea. U.S., Japan 2. Unification ministry plans to hold talks with U.N. Command to resume Panmunjom tour 3. N. Korea diversifying cybercrimes amid drop in value of cryptocurrency: report 4. N. Korea designates holiday for test-launch of ICBM 5. S. Korea to participate in new round of IPEF talks in San Francisco 6. Charted: The Number of North Korean Defectors (1998-2023) 7. South Korea’s Quest to Become a Global Pivotal State 8. Korea steps up efforts to get US Congress to pass Kimchi Day 9. Russia and North Korea relations in transition 10. Two Koreas race to launch first homegrown military spy satellites

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