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LEAP 2024 is expected to welcome a record number of over 172,000 visitors as the much-anticipated technology event kicks off on March 4 in Saudi Arabia.

Supported by the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the show will feature more than 15 dedicated tracks and 13 stages, covering topics from artificial intelligence (AI) and education technology (Edutech) to retail and smart cities.

By increasing the number of major tracks this year from seven to 15, we are fostering an environment that fosters greater awareness and conversation about the opportunities and challenges that will soon emerge in a digital and data-driven world, says Tahaluf. said Michael Champion, CEO. He is a joint venture between Informa PLC and the Saudi Federation on Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, and is the organizer of his four-day event that concludes on March 7th.

During the event, AI and its diverse applications will be in the spotlight at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center in the Malham district of the Saudi capital.

Digital transformation is permeating every aspect of our lives, and the increased use of AI means we will all experience digital innovation and transition at an unprecedented pace, Champion added.

Supporting this effort is DeepFest, co-located with LEAP and in partnership with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority. More than 120 of his companies are participating in this AI-focused event.

Setting “stages” for knowledge sharing

The main stages focusing on the latest technology trends and developments are listed below.

The LEAP Main Stage will host a conference led by futurists, technology gurus, and industry luminaries who will share their perspectives, visions, and hopes for a digitally enabled future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Stage (4IR) is where thought leaders, changemakers, big techs, data scientists, innovators, businesses, academia, startups, and entrepreneurs exploring the impact of technological advancements are exploring digital transformation, productivity, and innovation. Accelerate profitability. across business and world affairs.

Hakan Saber, vice president and head of Ericsson Saudi Arabia and Egypt, will lead the 4IR discussion. “In addition to showcasing technology, we are focused on key messaging pillars, transforming enterprises, reimagining consumer experiences, innovating for a sustainable future, and enabling unlimited connectivity. ”

“Through LEAP, we aim to foster cooperation and contribute to Saudi Arabia’s technological advancement in line with Vision 2030. “We will contribute to the advancement of the world,” Saber added.

Another prominent company participating in the DeepFest lineup is IBM. The company aims to focus on how AI-powered solutions are being used to help businesses and organizations solve problems and overcome challenges. Fahad Alanaji, vice president and general manager of IBM Saudi Arabia, said: “What we are seeing in Saudi Arabia and the wider region is a growing recognition of the transformative power of advanced technologies such as AI and automation. ” he said.

Generative AI has great potential to help improve operations and customer engagement. Specifically, generative AI can unlock new, previously untapped areas of opportunity and unlock the potential of businesses and organizations. ”

The Future Energy Stage brings together scientists, policy makers, business leaders, technology experts and representatives from national and international research institutions to discuss this year’s sustainable energy themes. They each investigate how to power the future and move towards energy sustainability and security.

Leading local, regional and international retailers will envision the future of where and how they shop while choosing their sectors of the future at the LEAP Retail Stage. E-commerce leaders, retail technologists, merchandisers, supply chain leaders, marketers, and retail executives delve into the future of the industry through interactive discussions, keynotes, and fireside conversations. I’ll dig in.

Additionally, LEAP Investor Stage will be an “empowerment” engine for the world’s top investors to guide disruptors, startups, and entrepreneurs in securing funding to turn ideas into machines of profit and social change.

This stage will feature expert, investor-led workshop classes and the popular Rocket Fuel Pitch Competition. There, competitors will pitch their innovative technology-focused ideas to a panel of judges for a share of the prize pool won over the past two editions. Among the winners he was divided 2 million US dollars.

List of key tracks for LEAP 2024

Attendees can look forward to interacting with world leaders in their fields on LEAP’s dedicated track. These include…

Creative Economy Track: Here marketers, artists, producers, videographers, content creators, hosts, and gaming professionals explore how technological advances in immersive and digital entertainment, fashion, architecture, and design are changing their lifestyles. We hope to investigate whether this is the case.

EduTech Track: This section focuses on the rapid transformation of learning and teaching. The entire gamut of the education ecosystem will be examined, including competency development from early childhood to executive learning.

Smart Cities Tracking: Engineers, urban planners, government representatives and private sector stakeholders will gather here to examine the development of the urban landscape that will house nearly 70 percent of the world’s population by 2050, according to the World Bank. It’s a schedule. The topic will be the implementation of digital structures and strategies for the development of resilient, human-centered and digitally enabled cities.

FinTech Track: In this track, experts dissect the cutting-edge developments and innovations shaping the entire financial sector, as well as evolving defenses against advances in cyber fraud.

HealthTech Track: Global health experts, scientists, healthcare workers, doctors, and engineers take participants on a journey of discovery, demonstrating how science and technology are helping people live longer and better lives. To do.

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