3 Boring Stocks to Buy to Steadily Grow Your Wealth for the Next Decade

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Boring stocks can become bountiful at times. However, this requires picking the right companies and holding them for the long term. One cannot build wealth overnight, and if you are hoping to build wealth with stock investment, you need to identify companies that have a solid history of performance, stable fundamentals and a record of rewarding investors. Now is the time to look for boring stocks to grow wealth through dividends and capital gains steadily.

Here are three stocks to buy and hold for the next 10 years and enjoy their growth. These companies are already at the top in their respective industries, and holding them throughout this decade could mean tremendous growth opportunities. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is one of my favorite stocks to own. Up 220% in the past five years and 14% year-to-date, this stock will not disappoint you. The company can weather any storm, and with its expanding artificial intelligence (AI) strengths, it is set to continue the rally. MSFT is one of the boring stocks that steadily grows wealth.

Trading at $423, the stock is very close to the 52-week high of $433, but it has a long way to go. It has started monetizing AI technology in its products, which will majorly impact revenue in the next five years.

The company saw a 31% jump in Azure revenue in the recent quarter, while total revenue soared 17% to $61.9 billion. Operating income increased 23% to $27.6 billion, and Xbox content and services revenue soared 62%.

Microsoft has announced the launch of new PCs, a Surface laptop with an all-digital Xbox console, and a dozen new games. The Surface laptop will have built-in AI capabilities and be the company’s first Co-pilot+ PC.

I believe the company will continue adding AI capabilities to its services, boosting the business. It also invests in infrastructure that will help with business growth.

The company has committed to investing $3.2 billion in Sweden and $2.9 billion in cloud infrastructure in Japan. Microsoft is only getting stronger with each passing year, making it a solid stock to own. It also pays a modest dividend of 0.71%.

E-commerce powerhouse Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has been a standout performer in the industry. Up 22% YTD and 45% in the past 12 months, the stock is trading for $184 today. While it is close to the 52-week high, I think there is still a chance to own this tech stock. Amazon is a slow and steady performer that has bounced back from the pandemic lows and is walking strong today.

As a highly diversified business, Amazon generates maximum revenue from cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and advertising segments. In the recent quarter, it reported a 17% YOY jump in the cloud segment and the total revenue came in at $143.3 billion. It holds the largest cloud infrastructure share, followed by Microsoft. This is one segment investors should keep an eye on.

While it remains a leader in the online marketplace, it has grown tremendously in the advertising segment. With many users visiting the website regularly, marketers are happy to put money into advertising on this platform.

The company has seen a steady 20% growth in this segment in earlier quarters and reported a 24% jump in the recent quarter. Its wider reach will attract advertisers to the platform, and this segment could become a major profit generator in the next decade.

I am highly bullish on the stock and believe it could be one of your best bets for the next decade. Wall Street is also bullish on Amazon’s future and has a strong buy rating. Things are going really well for the company, and this boring stock is the one to buy and hold for the long term.

Any dip in Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG,GOOGL) stock is a huge buying opportunity. While advertising remains an integral business segment, AI will drive growth in the coming years. Trading at $175, GOOG stock is up 26% YTD and 41% in the past 12 months. The stock looks undervalued to me, and it is a strong buy below $200. A top AI contender, Alphabet is slowly moving ahead without much noise.

Many were concerned that generative AI could mean Alphabet losing its dominant market position in Google search. However, the company is making the right moves to ensure that it continues to remain at the top.

It has many new search features that will be powered by Gemini AI, which will ensure that the top spot is safe. Alphabet makes the majority of its revenue from Google Search and YouTube. With search promising a new experience through AI tools, revenue could jump.

In the first quarter, it reported revenue of $67.6 billion and a net income of $1.89 per share. It also announced a share repurchase plan of $70 billion and declared its first-ever dividend of $0.20 per share.

Alphabet has an attractive valuation, and it is hard to imagine life without Google and its wide range of products. They will continue to dominate the market for years, and this stock could continue moving higher.

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