AI-created scripts are not ready for prime time (yet)

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Hollywood writers secured a deal preventing the use of GenAI but why were producers so ready to make the concession? Andy Stroud of Hanson Bridgett digs into the subplot.

From the advent of TV there have always been writers’ rooms — the formerly smoke-filled but now mostly snack-filled spaces where writers gather to swap storylines, hone scripts, and practise the art of writing quality television.

Writers’ rooms even survived the pandemic, when rooms became Zooms. However, is the writers’ room now going the way of the television antenna? An abandoned relic of a bygone age made obsolete by new technology? Apparently not…yet.

One of the questions central to the recently resolved writers’ strike was the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the writing of future movie scripts and television series. Writers fear that they will soon be replaced by AI, which may be used to craft entire scripts or even television series, without the assistance or input of a professional writer.

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