AI predicts Synopsys stock price for 2025

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Investors will highly anticipate the news of Synopsys’s performance in its upcoming earnings disclosure. The company’s earnings report is set to be disclosed on November 29, 2023. The company is expected to report earnings-per-share of $3.04, up 59.16% from last year’s Q4. In the meantime, the estimate forecasts the revenue to be $1.58 billion, indicating a 23.3% growth compared to the prior year’s corresponding quarter.

Powered by the current AI-driven boom across the tech industry, this company provides software, tools, and semiconductor design and verification services. Its products are crucial in creating integrated circuits enabling the development of cutting-edge electronic devices. The company’s solutions cover various industries, including automotive, electronics, and artificial intelligence.

At the time of press on November 9, SNPS shares were trading at $506.06, up +$7.14 in the past 24 hours. The stock gained roughly 58.33% year-to-date.

Since the early 2000s, this enterprise has experienced its market capitalization growing multiple times up to now, rising to $76.97 billion, making it the 178th most valuable company by this parameter.

Given its strong performance this year, investors are wondering how Synopsys stock will perform two years from now, halfway through this decade, and to answer that question, Finbold used AI-driven predictions by CoinCodex.

This forecast expects a drop in SNPS’s share price to $312.69 by November 9, 2024, with a fall of -38.16% from the current valuation.

However, fortunate predictions in 2025 await those who are currently backing this stock, with a positive increase of 59.96% from current levels, which would set its price at $808.87.

Another parameter that may prove useful for estimate is the current P/E ratio, Synopsys is at present trading at a P/E of 38.96. This is above average of the industry’s 26.54.

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