AI predicts what every major sports trophy will look like in 50 years’ time

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Artificial Intelligence has predicted how sports trophies will evolve over the next 50 years, and the outcomes are pretty mind-blowing.

Through the use of an AI tool called Midjourney – a versatile text-to-image service that enables users to generate images via textual descriptions – trophies such as the Stanley Cup and Ballon d’Or have been reimagined.

Ashes Trophy:

Small but mighty, the Ashes urn is currently made out of terracotta and is believed to contain the burnt ashes of a cricket ball. However, AI has predicted that the cricket trophy will have an upgrade in 50 years’ time and will boast a silver finish and embossed detailing.

Ballon d’Or:

Widely regarded as football’s most prestigious individual award, AI believes that the Ballon d’Or will only get grander in the subsequent years. It also predicts that the highly-valued prize will retain its football-like shape, which is created by soldering two brass plates together.

Carabao Cup:

Thai energy drink company Carabao has sponsored the EFL Cup since the 2017/2018 season, but AI states it won’t retain its name forever. While three of the imagined trophies do feature the classic green ribbons, the final one seems to lack a sponsor. Who could we see take over the mantle in 50 years’ time?

Champions League:

The current version of the UEFA Champions League trophy was made by Jurg Stadelmann and is the fifth version of its current design. It took 340 hours to design in total, but AI believes we will see four new versions in the next half-century.

European Championship:

Those that win the Euros are awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy, named in honour of UEFA’s first General Secretary. Midjourney predicts the football cup will receive a series of modest upgrades, and will feature electric blue detailing, too.

FA Cup:

AI has generated images of the Emirates FA Cup that are a far cry from the very first trophy – the ‘Little Tin Idol’ from 1894. Amazingly, it’s claimed that the original trophy cost just £20 to make.

La Liga:

The cup awarded to the top team in Spanish football is expected to slim down and get more regal in the years to come. It looks as if the La Liga trophy will also be a little more liftable than the one in modern times.

Ligue 1:

AI expects that the top flight of French football will have a dramatic overhaul of their trophy in the next 50 years. L’Hexagoal is expected to make way for a more traditional cup, and it looks as if second and third place will also receive one for the cabinet.

NBA Trophy:

The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy depicts a ball over a hoop and basket and was first awarded in 1977. AI believes that the winner of the NBA Finals in 50 years will receive a trophy of a similar yet slightly less abstract design.

Ryder Cup:

The award for winning the biennial men’s golf competition is expected to get grander and feature a lot more gold figures in the coming years.

Serie A:

Artificial Intelligence has predicted that in less than a century, Serie A will do away with their funnel-shaped trophy and opt for a more traditional figure instead. It also believes that the classic gold trophy will eventually be swapped for a silver figure.

Stanley Cup:

National Hockey League fans will already be aware that the Stanley Cup is the oldest existing trophy to be awarded to a professional sports franchise in North America. AI seemingly believes the trophy will go through a tough period of uncertainty before returning to its original form. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Super Bowl:

The Lombardi Trophy is annually awarded to the winning team of the NFL’s Super Bowl. Named in honour of late coach Vince Lombardi, the trophy is expected to become a lot less subtle in the coming years and take on influences from nature.

Premier League:

As well as predicting what the Premier League trophy will look like in 50 years’ time, it looks as if AI has laid a claim on who will be lifting it. Three of the imagined trophies feature the sky blue motif of Manchester City, while one features a dramatic curtain of red.

UFC Title – lightweight division:

Won by Connor McGregor in 2016, the Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight title has been explored as a trophy, and we like what we see. AI believes it will remain gold, but feature red and silver accents.

WBC Heavyweight title:

AI thinks the WBC Heavyweight title will first swap from a belt to an actual trophy before it returns to its roots in the coming years. However, it looks as if the leather will eventually be embossed with real gold in 50 years’ time.


The Men’s Wimbledon Championships trophy is expected to stay gold, but lean into the fact this Grand Slam is played on grass. It even looks as if a wreath, reminiscent of the laurel wreaths of Ancient Greece will be awarded.

WWE Championship:

The WWE Championship belt is expected to go through a few extravagant trophy designs. At one point, AI believes it will have wings before eventually being turned back into the classic belt – albeit one that the wrestler can’t wear.

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