Altseason Indicator Total 3 – Capitalization Without BTC And ETH For CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL3 By SpartaBTC –

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That is, directly makes it clear when the long-awaited alt season begins. All major previous and future alt season on the chart. Note that these are the maximum prices for most altcoins in a certain phase of the market. Be sure to clean out your pockets alts during these times. The capitalization of these assets has long been in a squeeze – consolidation, there is a direct correlation with the accumulation zones. We are in the final accumulation phase. Note that there has been no real capitulation (perhaps there won’t be, and if there is, it will be V figuratively, but that’s not the point). That is, as soon as the reversal levels (marked in yellow) are broken through – the prices of these groups of assets begin to rise. The “participation” phase is launched on the market. That is the price movement to the distribution zones. As a rule, by this phase of the market (distribution) capitalization grows 10 times, prices accordingly. This is the time – “the hamster is not scared”, i.e. the time when one should get rid of (lock in super profits) from “promising crypto garbage”. Below provided is a basic variation of asset group grading on tradingview that makes sense to monitor and use as true market indicators. This gives insight into potential asset group pumps/dumps or market phase changes. These types of “ideas” are done once and for many years. Because relevance is never lost if you understand the point 1) Market capitalization of different assets: Crypto total cap – total market capitalization of the market in $ Crypto total cap 2 – market capitalization excluding BTC in $ Crypto total cap 3 – market capitalization excluding BTC and ETH in $ 2) DeFI projects: Crypto total cap DeFI – DeFI cryptocurrency capitalization in $ Crypto total cap DeFI.D– capitalization in % terms of DeFi dominance to the market 3) Major Stablecoins: Market cap USDT – USDT capitalization in $ Market cap USDT %– capitalization in % terms of dominance to the whole market Market cap USDC – USDC capitalization in $ Market cap USDC % – capitalization in % dominance expression to the whole market. 4) Bitcocaine Market cap BTC $ – capitalization of BTC in $ Market cap BTC dominannce % – capitalization in % dominance expression to the whole market. 5) Ethereum Market cap ETH $– capitalization of ETH in $ Market cap ETH dominannce %– capitalization in % expression of dominance to the whole market. 6) USD index (DXY) The US Dollar cyrrency index is the most important indicator of the pamp/dump markets as a whole (more globally, not just crypto). . Below I will publish similar ideas — indicators that I have published previously for several years and that for obvious reasons remain relevant. I will also make analysis of new groups of assets by capitalization from the list, which have not been analyzed before. But, I will do all the analysis of instruments only when I have free time.

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