Apple hiring for multiple generative AI roles, may spend $1 billion every year on AI products

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Apple has not yet released any consumer-facing products using the AI technology.

Apple is taking steps to use generative AI in its products, although they haven’t officially announced it yet. We know they’re interested in AI because they’ve been posting job listings related to AI. This is a big deal because it shows that Apple is exploring ways to use AI technology in their devices and software.

As an example, they recently introduced a new autocorrect feature for iOS 17 that’s based on a technology called a “Transformer model.” This technology uses AI to help improve the accuracy of autocorrect on Apple devices. So, it’s clear that Apple is actively investing in AI to enhance their products, even though they haven’t made a big public announcement about it yet. This suggests that we can expect to see more AI-powered features in Apple’s products in the future.

Apple has put out job listings for different jobs that talk about generative AI. For example, they want to create a generative AI system to help their app developers make better apps. They’re also looking for people to build a system that can talk to customers using voice and chat. And they’re working on text technology that can write long pieces of text, summarize things, and answer questions. This shows that Apple is committed to using generative AI in various parts of their business.

What makes these job listings stand out is that Apple is very specific about the skills they want. This shows just how serious they are about using generative AI. In fact, there’s a report that says Apple might spend more than $1 billion every year to make generative AI products and features. Someone who knows about what’s happening inside Apple says that not doing this would be a big mistake for the company. It’s a sign of how much they believe in the potential of generative AI.

Apple’s generative AI initiative aims to leverage large language models (LLMs) to enhance features for Siri and the Messages app in the upcoming iOS version. This could encompass functionalities such as sentence completion and more. The company is also exploring the integration of generative AI-aided features in apps and services, possibly including Xcode for developer support, AI-generated playlists for Apple Music, and AI-assisted writing capabilities for Pages and Keynote.

While there have been reports of Apple working on its own “Apple GPT,” it has not yet released any consumer-facing products utilizing this technology. In contrast, Apple’s rivals, such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta, have already incorporated AI-powered features into their hardware and software offerings.

Apple’s increasing emphasis on generative AI is a strategic move to remain competitive in the tech industry, which is increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Users can anticipate more sophisticated and intelligent experiences from Apple’s products as the company harnesses the full potential of generative AI across its ecosystem.

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