AZoNetwork Launches AZoAI, an Open-Access Platform for the Artificial Intelligence Industry

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Nov 3 2023

Leading scientific publisher introduces its 12th subject-specific website, – the A to Z of Artificial Intelligence. The website educates and informs how the application of artificial intelligence will impact the science, engineering and healthcare sectors and provides industry experts in these fields with the latest news and content from the AI and machine learning industries.

AZoNetwork, the specialist science publisher with over one million named subscribers, has announced the launch of, an open-access platform for the artificial intelligence industry. is the 12th subject-specific website launched by AZoNetwork, and it aims to share the latest trusted artificial intelligence content on an easy-access platform.

AZoAI features expert editorial articles put together by an in-house team of professionals, interviews with thought-leaders in prestigious fields, and product profiles from some of the leading companies worldwide. The platform is designed to educate and inform a worldwide audience of researchers, engineers, and scientists with the latest industry news, information, and insights from the artificial intelligence and machine learning industries.

“We launched AZoAI because we recognized that AI is exploding and that there was a requirement across industry to provide an information resource that educated people on the use of AI in every sector from medical imaging and process control in the laboratory to energy management and quantum computing.” Said Dr. Ian Birkby, CEO of AZoNetwork.

“The function and the direction of AZoAI is to provide that information to people in the industry to understand how they can deploy AI into their own products, services, and processes in their own industries. So it’s about showing them where the picks and shovels are for the AI gold rush.”

AZoAI covers a wide range of industries from improving agricultural processes and enhancing road safety to increasing the efficiency of town planning and providing consultants with a medical 2nd opinion.

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About AZoNetwork

AZoNetwork is a leading specialist science publisher that has been providing high-quality content to the scientific community for over 23 years. The company’s network of websites, newsletters, and social media channels reaches a global audience of over 100 million scientists, researchers, and engineers.

The AZoNetwork mission is to connect people with science and technology, providing them with the information they need to advance their research and make informed decisions.

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