BCA Internships in Hyderabad: Apply Now

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Reach your full potential and put your resume forward by applying now for Hyderabad BCA Internships

A great way for students obtaining a BCA degree to launch their tech careers is through BCA internships in Hyderabad. Students can use their theoretical knowledge in practical settings by participating in these internships, which offer hands-on experience in a variety of computer applications. Many chances are available in this industry due to Hyderabad’s status as a major tech hub. For students pursuing a BCA, these internships may serve as a springboard to a lucrative tech career. The top 10 BCA internships available in Hyderabad are listed below:

Software & AI Internship Program at Robic Rufarm India Pvt. Ltd.

You will be working on a variety of robotics, artificial intelligence, and agriculture-related projects throughout this two- to six-month unpaid internship. The NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore will also serve as your mentor.

Link to Apply: https://myrufarm.freshteam.com/jobs/_h2Et58ANX67/software-ai-internship-program

UI/UX Design at Error Technologies

During this two- to six-month unpaid internship, you will be working on a range of robotics, AI, and agriculture-related projects. Your mentor will also be the NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore. In this three-month paid internship, which has a ₹10,000 monthly stipend, you will focus on creating user interfaces and user experiences for online and mobile apps. Following the internship, you will receive a job offer as well.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/internship/detail/ui-ux-design-work-from-home-job-internship-at-error-technologies1687939825

Data Analytics at The Affordable Organic Store.

You will work on data analysis and insight generation for an online company that sells organic products during this paid internship, which has a ₹ 3,000 monthly stipend. The internship will last three months. Additionally, you will discover a variety of data analysis tools and methods.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/internship/detail/data-analytics-work-from-home-job-internship-at-the-affordable-organic-store1613717042

Quality Assurance at Ziegler Aerospace.

You will work on testing and confirming the quality of software and hardware products for the aerospace sector during this six-month paid internship, which comes with a ₹ 10,000 monthly stipend. After the internship, you’ll also receive a job offer.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/job/detail/quality-associate-fresher-jobs-in-hyderabad-at-ziegler-aerospace1691752496

Qiskit at IBM.

You will work on developing quantum computer programs and doing tests on actual or simulated quantum devices during this three-month unpaid internship. Using Qiskit, an open-source software development kit, you will also explore both the fundamentals and more complex subjects of quantum computing.

You will work on producing interesting and educational material for a platform that links companies and investors during this paid internship, which offers a stipend of ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 20,000 per month for three months. Additionally, a variety of SEO and content marketing topics will be covered.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/internship/detail/content-creation-internship-in-bangalore-at-bootstrack1689056866

iOS App Development at Metapointer.

You will work on creating iOS applications using Swift and Xcode during this six-month paid internship, which comes with a salary of ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 18,000 per month. Additionally, a variety of frameworks and libraries for iOS programming will be covered.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/internship/detail/ios-app-development-internship-in-hyderabad-at-metapointer1701083448

Digital Marketing at Megaminds IT Services.

In this six-month paid internship, which has a ₹ 8,000 monthly stipend, you will focus on developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for different companies. You will also get knowledge of different digital marketing channels and tactics.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/internship/detail/digital-marketing-internship-in-hyderabad-at-megaminds-it-services1688872978

Operations at Wudbox.

During this six-month paid internship, which has a ₹10,000 monthly stipend, you will manage and enhance the operations of an online business that offers eco-friendly and handcrafted goods. Additionally, you will gain knowledge of several facets of logistics and e-commerce.

Link to Apply: https://internshala.com/internship/detail/operations-internship-in-hyderabad-at-wudbox1695724156

Market Research at Innerscore.

In this six-week paid internship, which comes with a lump sum salary of ₹15,000, you will work on gathering and analyzing market data for a platform that offers company feedback and insights. Additionally, you will learn about several market research techniques and resources.

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