Big Leap! AI-Powered Robot Waiters Employed At This New Viral Lucknow Restaurant

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Picture yourself seated in a restaurant, filled with anticipation as you wait for the servers to come and take your orders. But instead of the usual human staff, you are greeted by robots attending to your needs.

That’s right, you heard it correctly. And the most exciting aspect? You don’t have to travel overseas to experience this technological wonder; it’s available right in the heart of the city of Lucknow.

What Is So Special About This Restaurant In Jaipur?


Pioneering culinary trends, ‘The Robot Restaurant – The Yellow House’ has made its debut in Lucknow. This groundbreaking dining establishment, originating from Jaipur, proudly claims the title of Lucknow’s inaugural “Robot Restaurant.”

Ruby and Diva sport striking yellow attire, making them the distinctive servers at ‘The Robot Restaurant – The Yellow House’ located in Aliganj, Lucknow’s foremost robotic dining destination.

These robotic servers possess the capability to interact with customers. With utmost politeness, they articulate the phrase “Please excuse me” when they encounter obstacles during their restaurant navigation. Upon successfully delivering orders to the tables, they eloquently announce, “Your order has arrived.”

Who Is The Brain Behind The AI-powered Dining Experience?

Aniket Srivastava is the mastermind behind this cutting-edge experience. He explained, “The robots operate on an Artificial Intelligence-based system meticulously crafted by our engineers. After a mere 2-3 hours of charging, they can effortlessly serve patrons for over 12 hours.”

He added, “Utilising a sophisticated remote sensor technique, we assign table numbers to the robots through a discreet tablet-like interface situated at the rear of these mechanical maestros. The robots then navigate seamlessly toward the designated table, relying on Google’s cutting-edge navigation technology. If any obstacle obstructs their path, these robots exhibit remarkable grace by halting instantly.”

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