Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2023-2030: Is Bitcoin BSC Legit?

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Current market cap: $7.1M [Declining], Holders: 6.24k [Rising]. Retail Investors are just 5.8% of all the Holders. With no major centralized exchange listings and falling social media sentiment, Bitcoin BSC has lost half its value since listing. Social Media Buzz: Almost Zero Social Media Sentiments Last 7 days: +43.6% Yesterday: +82.4% Today: +50.0% Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction: Is Bitcoin BSC Legit? Address on the website: International Business Centre, Rue du Gabian,98000 Monaco The Coinsult Smart Contract Audit report, conducted on September 4, 2023, aims to assess the functionality of the smart contract and identify potential security vulnerabilities within it. The results of the audit for BitcoinBSC’s smart contract, conducted by Coinsult, reveal a comprehensive examination of potential security and centralization risks. The audit checked for various owner privileges and potential vulnerabilities: Centralization Risks: The primary concerns surrounding centralization were addressed. The BitcoinBSC contract was found to have: No need for the owner to manually enable trading. No ability for the owner to mint new tokens. No ability for the owner to blacklist addresses. No ability for the owner to pause the contract. No ability for the owner to set maximum transaction amounts. No ability for the owner to exclude addresses from fees. SWC Attack Analysis: The Smart Contract Weakness Classification Registry (SWC Registry) was used to assess various potential vulnerabilities. All the checks, ranging from “Function Default Visibility” to “Unencrypted Private Data On-Chain,” were marked as “Passed,” indicating that no vulnerabilities were found in these areas. Other Owner Privileges: Coinsult examined other potential privileges that the owner might possess. The report concluded that there were no other significant owner privileges to mention. The audit report for BitcoinBSC’s smart contract, conducted by Coinsult, indicated that BitcoinBSC was “Not KYC verified by Coinsult.” This means that Coinsult did not perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for BitcoinBSC as part of its audit process. Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction: Is Bitcoin BSC a Good Investment? Bitcoin BSC combines the traditional value of Bitcoin with the modern BNB Smart Chain. It introduces an environmentally friendly staking system that promotes long-term holding and community engagement. Bitcoin BSC operates as a BEP-20 token on the BNB Smart Chain, offering a unique approach to staking. Instead of traditional mining, $BTCBSC holders can earn passive income by staking their tokens, with rewards linked to Bitcoin’s original block reward system. This innovation aims to redefine how we view token-based rewards. What is Bitcoin BSC? Bitcoin BSC draws inspiration from Bitcoin, the pioneer of peer-to-peer digital currency. Their goal is to enhance this concept with a reliable Stake-to-Earn mechanism, providing passive income rewards. The team aims to redefine how we perceive Bitcoin by focusing on what works best and adopting a low-fee, eco-friendly approach for the benefit of their token holders. Features of Bitcoin BSC Bitcoin BSC’s Stake-to-Earn is eco-friendly, unlike Bitcoin’s energy-intensive mining. It aligns with Bitcoin’s long-term release schedule and block confirmations since 2011. Staking rewards are proportional to your stake and the current APY. Bitcoin BSC- Tokenomics The total supply is 21 million tokens, with 6,125 tokens available during the presale. The soft cap is 4 million tokens The hard cap is 6,125 million tokens. This operates on the BNB Smart Chain, and it’s a BEP-2 token named BTCBS. The minimum purchase amount is $1. It is unclear what value Bitcoin BSC will bring to an ecosystem packed with numerous Layer-1 and Layer-2 Blockchains that are heavily funded. DeFi and Staking are quite competitive as well. This does not appear to be a strong case for investment. Bitcoin BSC- Roadmap Q4+ 2023 – Stage 4: Passive Rewards BTCBSC holders will have the opportunity to stake their tokens and receive daily payouts. Rewards will accumulate every 10 minutes, aligning with Bitcoin’s block schedule. The maximum token supply will be reached over approximately 120 years. Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2023-2030, Aggregated Some publishers have ventured out with forecasts for Bitcoin BSC. These need to be considered with a very big spoon of salt. Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2023 is $3 Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2025 is $7 Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction 2030 is $12 Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction: How to Buy $BTCBSC? A quick guide on how to buy/trade on Pancakeswap Choose BSC-compatible wallets like TrustWallet or Metamask Visit the PancakeSwap website and connect your wallet Swap $BNB for $BTCBSC. Confirm transaction details and ensure you have enough funds to cover gas fees Approve it in your wallet if needed Check for a BSC confirmation via explorers like BscScan Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction: How to Claim Bitcoin BSC? Users can now claim their Bitcoin BSC on its official website. Bitcoin BSC Presale The presale had two phases: Initial Phase (Soft Cap): 4 million $BTCBLC tokens will be offered at 99 cents each, reflecting Bitcoin’s 2011 price. Secondary Phase: An extra 2.125 million tokens will also be sold at the same price to reach the Hard Cap. As per its website, any unsold tokens after the listing will go into the Bitcoin BSC staking contract, ensuring a fixed total supply of 21 million $BTCBSC tokens. Also Read: Top 10 Presale Cryptos to Buy The information available on pre-sale cryptocurrencies is often limited, and the above analysis is conducted using the available information gathered at the time. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and be mindful of the potential risks involved.

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