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Over the past few years, Bitcoin has been considered the digital gold due to the similar benefits it offers as gold, with some additional features. During times of economic and political turmoil, BTC is regarded as a safe haven. In a recent YouTube video, a cryptocurrency analyst highlighted the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Gold. Silver, he argued, is no longer a safe haven, while gold remains a reliable precious metal. The analyst pointed out that the cryptocurrency community has been debating whether the paper versions of gold and Bitcoin can change their real value and whether giants in the financial industry like JPMorgan and Blackrock can manipulate their prices. However, the analyst went on to clarify the increasing concern in the YouTube video. He said, “With gold, it’s not known whether there’s real gold support for paper or not, which makes everything very risky. On the other hand, with Bitcoin, proving and verifying are much more straightforward, making it far more reliable.” Furthermore, the analyst strongly believes that Bitcoin will outperform gold in the next 8-10 years, not just for the reasons mentioned earlier, but because cryptocurrency is easily verifiable. “Trust me, forget about the 20 other advantages Bitcoin has over gold. I believe Bitcoin will outperform gold in the next 8 to 10 years because you can verify it. So, I know a lot of people are concerned about paperwork and the manipulation of JPMorgan and BlackRocks worldwide, but they can’t do that because it can be easily verified,” he said. Another cryptocurrency analyst, David Waugh, the Chief Analyst at Coinbits, has also endorsed digital currencies. According to the analyst, Bitcoin’s technological advancements make it a superior asset to gold. He added that the cryptocurrency’s improvements in divisibility, portability, durability, verifiability, and scarcity make it an efficient and reliable store of value. The Approval Drive for Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Recently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had just under a day to file an appeal regarding Grayscale’s plan to convert GBTC into a Bitcoin ETF, or else it would have to approve the company’s plan. If the SEC does not file an appeal by the deadline, it could potentially trigger a price increase in the cryptocurrency market because that would mean it’s not contesting Grayscale’s victory. Currently, Grayscale holds a significant amount of BTC, which they trust and offer to investors in the form of cryptocurrency shares through GBTC. If the company wins the case against the SEC, it could signal a potential Bitcoin price increase.

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