Boffins find 10% of people who speak to AI chatbots are ‘big time horndogs’

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Roughly 10% of people who speak to an Artificial Intelligence chatbot do so because they are “big time horndogs,” according to new research.

A paper released last month and lead-authored by a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley took one million “real-world conversations” that people have had with 25 different large language models and studied a sample of 100,000.

The sample, selected at random by the team, showed that the top 50% of searches were for innocent things like programming, travel tips, and requests for writing help. However, there was a more sexual side to much of the searches. Futurism said these results were yeilded by “big time horndogs” and “for horny purposes.”

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People had looked up role-playing characters in conversations, and three topic categories that the paper’s authors termed “unsafe”. Thise were “Requests for explicit and erotic storytelling”; “Explicit sexual fantasies and role-playing scenarios”; and “Discussing toxic behavior across different identities.”

There may be “even more harmful content” in the larger sample of one million conversations, the authors warned.

The researchers wrote that they hope that the study will help make chatbots safer in the real world for all users.

It comes as a cyber brothel with sex dolls voiced live by real women in Berlin has been hailed as a world first.

Cybrothel was initially opened in 2020, and is co-owned by Philipp Fussenegger, who claims: “We are the future of sex.”

The dolls, who speak English and German, are neither robots nor powered by artificial intelligence, and still retain a human element as a voice actress sits in another room and engages with punters by talking to them as she watches the tryst unfold and they experience the coming together through VR porn images.

“The audio and visual features create the effect we call ‘analogue AI’ to give the dolls a more elevated and playful character for real time interaction,” Fussenegger told The Sun.

The company says that they are working on integrating robotics in Cybrothel soon.

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