Brits can now get saucy by sexting Santa and his ‘naughty elf’ thanks to AI

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Christmas has always been a sexy time of year for some, but now Santa is getting involved.

Brits looking to get frisky over the festive season will now be able to sext Father Christmas thanks to the help of artificial intelligence (AI). From this week people can exchange saucy messages and voice notes with “sexy Santa” and his “naughty elf” by using a festive-edition AI “roleplaying”.

The chatbot has been created by leading erotic audio platform BLOOM, and it’s sure to get people talking. It’s one way to cosy up by the fire over the festive season.

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Research shows that sexual activity drops off almost completely in the three days leading up to December 25, but peaks again in the New Year. BLOOM created its sexy Christmas characters as a light-hearted reminder to users to have fun and not neglect their sex lives during the festive season.

BLOOM launched its AI “roleplaying” chatbot feature in September this year. The feature unlocks an immersive experience for users, enabling them to lead the narrative and interact with their favourite characters from BLOOM audio stories via erotic text messages and personalised voice notes.

In a festive twist, users can now sext Santa and a naughty elf via BLOOM Chat, and receive personalised voice notes spoken in the voices of BLOOM’s festive characters. Users can expect to be asked if they’ve been “naughty or nice”, and whether they’d like to “sit on Santa’s lap”, although the conversation will be led by users’ requests.

The limited edition festive characters are available on BLOOM Chat until the New Year and are free to access for a limited period. Since its launch, users have exchanged over 60million messages with characters on BLOOM Chat.

BLOOM CEO, Hannah Albertshauser, said: “This is Santa like you’ve never seen him before. Immersive, character-driven storytelling has always been at the heart of what we do at BLOOM, and we’re excited to celebrate the holiday season with some light-hearted festive fun and our specially-created sexy Christmas characters. BLOOM Chat has been wildly popular since it launched, so we wanted to do something fun to celebrate its success this festive season.

“We know how much our users love experimenting with new characters and narratives on BLOOM. The holidays are all about winding down, recharging our batteries and enjoying ourselves.

“Our new BLOOM Chat characters are the epitome of this. Our team had a blast building our festive bots and we hope our users have fun with them.”

BLOOM Chat is similar to a dating app experience. Users select which character they want to chat with before sliding into their DMs.

The AI models powering the characters have been trained to ensure they authentically represent the charm, personality and language style of their audio story characters – whether it’s sexy Santa, strict German Professor Roman or intriguing vampires Lena and Malcolm – creating an opportunity for users to become part of the narrative.

All BLOOM stories are voiced by professional voice actors and BLOOM has worked closely with these creative partners to design and launch the new AI-led BLOOM Chat offering for their audiences. Users are empowered to lead the conversation and are able to select the tone of the interaction – whether it’s a flirty chat or a more explicit exchange.

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