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Paris [France], December 4: Pipplet, a global leader in language assessment and a subsidiary of ETS, announces the launch of Talent AI, a breakthrough in language assessment technology designed for business and education sectors worldwide.

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Efficiency and Advanced Technology in Language Assessment

Talent AI employs advanced artificial intelligence, developed in collaboration with ETS AI Labs and OpenAI. It offers a comprehensive assessment of oral and written language skills in 30 minutes or less. Supporting English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, and Brazilian Portuguese, Talent AI is poised to meet the diverse needs of a global audience.

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Ease of Use and Enhanced Security: A Dual Focus

The test’s web-based, online format ensures global ease of use, facilitating language assessments from any location. In parallel, the test incorporates anti-cheating and proctoring features to ensure the reliability and integrity of its assessments. These features are essential for businesses and educational institutions seeking accurate language proficiency evaluations.

Real-World Application and Impact

Talent AI is designed to simulate real-life communication scenarios, providing practical and relevant language skill assessments for today’s diverse professional and educational environments. This real-world application is key for those looking to accurately measure language proficiency in realistic settings.

Simon Portier, CEO of Pipplet, shares: “This is a pivotal moment for us. Talent AI isn’t just our latest innovation; it’s a bold step towards reshaping how the world approaches language assessment. Its strategic blend of efficiency, reliability, and practical relevance positions us to continually innovate, adding more languages, and aiding organizations globally in effective communication. The future is bright, and we ‘ re just getting started!”

Talent AI is now available via the Pipplet platform. For more information, visit the Pipplet website.

About Pipplet

Founded in 2015, Pipplet stands at the vanguard of language assessment innovation. Its user-friendly platform offers a wide array of language assessment tools, each tailored to different needs and objectives. In 2020, Pipplet joined ETS, the world’s largest nonprofit educational assessment, research and measurement organization, and creator of the TOEIC® , TOEFL ® , and GRE ® tests. Pipplet serves over 1,600 organizations globally, including clients like Amazon, Wipro, and Hyatt Hotels.

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