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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving notable changes and improvements in the modern world. For its growth, insane amounts of data are needed, which, according to the giants, it is not possible to pay for.

The language models that power AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing Chat and Google’s Bard were and are trained with large data sets. Thanks to this, through the information they gather, they are able to answer the most remote questions.

These data sets form information spread across websites, news, books, blogs, among other platforms and sources. Furthermore, chatbots also feed their wisdom with other people’s images and videos.

As the AI As generative technology evolves and becomes more popular and widely used, authors of works of all types are starting to complain – some even sue – big tech companies for using their work without permission.

In fact, there are those who claim that the current legislative framework does not take into account this reality that violates copyright.

Working on this issue is, allegedly, the Copyright Office of the United States of America, which intends to find a compensation strategy for authors. For now, the process is in the process of collecting perspectives and comments from the parties involved in the topic.

Following this collection work, some of the largest technology companies have already admitted that it makes no sense to assign copyright to the data they use to train AI.

According to Business InsiderMeta, for example, noted that “it would be impossible for AI developers to acquire copyright licenses for critical works”, given that large amounts of data are used.

Other companies such as OpenAI, Microsoft and Google have adopted a similar position, claiming that so much data is used that there is no viable way to pay for it all by issuing licenses.

The group representing these companies, TechNet, also stated that the approach would harm the development of AI.

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