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By acquiring Einblick, a leader in natural language processing technology, Databricks will be able to offer its Data Intelligence Platform’s query capabilities to a wider range of consumers.

The firm said via a blog post that Einblick’s creators, researchers at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will be joining Databricks. The agreement’s terms were kept a secret.

Emanuel Zgraggen, the CEO of the firm, Philipp Eichmann, and other individuals launched Einblick in 2019 with the intention of using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to make it possible for non-technical people to extract sophisticated data insights from systems like Databricks’ data lake system.

Zgraggen stated in the blog post, “When we founded Einblick, our goal was to empower companies to do more with data, by creating the easiest and most collaborative data platform.” “Today, we are collaborating with Databricks to advance our purpose, which is a major milestone. I’m excited to start this new journey with a startup that wants to make data and AI more accessible and easy to use for everyone.

A single line can be used to create complex data queries, or even whole data workflows, according to Einblick’s AI-native data notebook. In the Databricks blog, CEO Ali Ghodsi, Director of Engineering – Workspace Ted Tomlinson, and other Databricks executives describe how the software translates questions in natural language into the code, charts, and models required to make insights.

The blog states that in order for the future generation of data tools to function effectively, they must also comprehend semantic information unique to each firm as well as jargon in addition to basic English. “The concepts behind Einblick can be more powerfully extended through deep integration with the underlying data catalog by partnering with Databricks.”

In order to “enable organizations to democratize data intelligence and create the next generation of data and AI applications with quality, speed, and agility,” Databricks announced that it will integrate Einblick’s technology into its platform. The corporation only hinted that further information would be revealed “in the company months,” without offering a precise date.

Databricks has been making acquisition-related moves. It reached an agreement to pay $1.3 billion to acquire the generative AI platform startup MosaicML in June 2023. The business raised $500 million in a Series I investment round in September, giving it a substantial amount of cash on hand for potential acquisitions.

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