Deepseek Coder open source AI coding assistant runs online and locally

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If you could do with a little assistance when coding or when learning a new coding language you might be interested in a new AI coding assistant in the form of Deepseek Coder. The AI coding assistant has been created using a series of code language models trained on both 87% code and 13% natural language in English and Chinese, with each model pre-trained on 2T tokens.

Various sizes of the Deepseek Coder AI coding assistant are available from 1B to 33B versions. The advanced coding application harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the software development process. The Deepseek Coder AI coding tool operates on an extendable framework, enabling scalability and adaptability to a wide array of project requirements. Deepseek is a web-based application, making it accessible via the internet from anywhere. However, the application can also be accessed locally, offering flexibility to developers who prefer or need to work offline.

Deepseek Coder also offers efficient code generation capabilities using multiple communicative agents to facilitate software communication, thereby enhancing the efficiency of code creation. This feature allows developers to generate code more quickly and accurately, reducing the time and effort required in the development process. One of the key features of Deepseek Coder is its pre-trained model offering AI coding assistant for 80 programming languages, including popular ones like Python and JavaScript. The application also supports project-level code completion and code infilling, further enhancing its utility for developers.

– Pretrained on 2 Trillion tokens over more than 80 programming languages.

– Various model sizes (1.3B, 5.7B, 6.7B and 33B) to support different requirements.

– A window size of 16K window** size, supporting project-level code completion and infilling.

– State-of-the-Art performance among open code models.

– Open source and free for research and commercial use.

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The AI model is an open-source application, meaning it is free-to-use software that can be modified and distributed by anyone. This open-source nature fosters a collaborative environment where developers can contribute to the application’s improvement. The application can be used for free for research purposes, and it also supports commercial use cases. The capabilities of Deepseek Coder have been tested in various scenarios to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. For instance, it has been used to create a snake game within seconds, demonstrating its potential in game development. The application’s performance has also been compared with other open-source code models such as ChatDev, with promising results.

Deepseek Coder can be accessed from the official website or can be downloaded from GitHub for local installation. The website provides easy access and start-up, while local installation allows developers to run the application on their own machines. The application can also be run on LM Studio, an AI platform that supports open-source models. To learn more about LM studio check out our previous articles.

Deepseek Coder is an advanced coding application that utilizes AI to streamline the software development process. Its extendable framework, efficient code generation capabilities, and pre-trained model make it a powerful tool for developers. As an open-source application, it fosters collaboration and is accessible to all. With its impressive capabilities, Deepseek Coder is set to make a significant impact in the world of software development.

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