Ernie: Baidu’s ChatGPT competitor explained

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Baidu’s Ernie 4.0 comes as China’s formidable answer to the AI race

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There’s been a lot of buzz around generative AI chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4. The Chinese government restricts access to ChatGPT in China, and Baidu has stepped up to fill this gap. It introduced its AI chatbot, Ernie, as a local alternative, capturing the public’s attention. Here’s what Baidu’s Ernie offers, from its generative AI capabilities to its language ability.

Ernie and its AI power

Ernie, short for “Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration,” is a generative AI and knowledge-enhanced large language model (LLM) by Baidu, a leading name in search engines. Ernie has been under development since 2019 and was released in March 2023.

Ernie is good at mathematical reasoning and grasping the complexities of human language. Baidu has had this language model in development since 2019. Ernie understands and responds in a way that makes sense and feels natural. Think of it as an intelligent, understanding friend who happens to be a product of advanced AI technology.

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Robin Li, the CEO of Baidu, introduced Ernie 4.0 to the world in October 2023. This was a big moment, especially as everyone was curious about how Baidu would answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Baidu clarified that Ernie 4.0 was here to compete at the highest level.

Ernie 4.0 is the advanced version of Ernie 3.5. This premium upgrade is available for a monthly fee of 59.9 yuan (about $8), with a special discounted rate of 49.9 yuan (around $7) per month for subscribers opting for the auto-renewal option. By subscribing to Ernie 4, users can make 100 inquiries every three hours. Meanwhile, Ernie 3.5 remains free of charge to the public.

Ernie 4.0, like the other generative chatbots, can generate text, images, and videos. While it’s mainly for Mandarin Chinese, it can handle English, but to a lesser extent. The platform’s guidelines and regulations align with Chinese regulations. For example, in response to a query about COVID-19’s origin, Ernie said the disease originated among American vape users.

It’s also integrated with Baidu’s search engine, which provides instant results from reliable sources. It provides up-to-the-minute updates and removes the hassle of manual information search. Baidu Ernie is also personal. It learns from how you talk to it, tailoring its answers just for you. Every chat feels unique and relevant to you. This AI has attracted over 100 million users in its local market.

Getting started with Ernie for users

Depending on its availability and location, you can access Ernie through its official website or a dedicated mobile app. For users outside China, availability may vary. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

Visit the official Ernie web page or search “文心一言” to download the app from the App Store or the Tencent Store. It isn’t available on Google Play. Log in or create a new account by entering your name and email address and creating a password. Close Verify your account through a mobile phone number or email verification link. Log in using your username or email and password after your account is set up and verified. Interact with Ernie by typing queries or using its features after logging in. Applications of Ernie across various business sectors Related What are large language models? Large language models (LLMs) are the basis for AI chatbots and much more. Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes

The Ernie chatbot is making a difference in many industries. Let’s explore the areas that could change by using this high-tech AI in everyday work.

Ernie in content translation and creation

Ernie can translate languages, write articles and reports, create poetry, and more. This is important in a world where content must cater to a multilingual audience, making Ernie a key player in overcoming language barriers.

The way it translates and understands context makes it a reliable tool for international communication. Ernie acts as a creative writing partner. Whether overcoming writer’s block or improving a piece with new ideas, Ernie’s extensive database is a treasure trove of inspiration. It can suggest content themes, help with structure, and ensure the relevance of the content, making it an indispensable tool for writers in different fields.

Ernie reshapes the online shopping experience

Online shopping is changing, thanks to Ernie. It’s like having an intelligent sales assistant who analyzes your shopping history and browsing behavior to suggest products that fit your taste. For example, if you buy sports gear often, Ernie recognizes you might be interested in fitness-related products.

When you interact with the bot (click, search, purchase, or ignore suggestions), it learns more about your preferences.

This ongoing learning process helps it refine its recommendations, making them more accurate and relevant. This makes the experience feel more personal and makes you happier with your choices. Satisfied customers often return to buy more, which is excellent for online stores.

Customer support redefined with Ernie’s 24/7 service

Ernie is programmed to understand and answer common questions that customers ask. It’s like having a book of answers that it can quickly search through to find the correct response. When someone asks something simple, like “What are your opening hours?” or “How do I return an item?” Ernie gives the correct answer right away.

Unlike human helpers who need breaks and sleep, Ernie works all the time, 24/7. As a result, customers can ask their questions any time, whether it’s the middle of the night or a holiday, and get an answer. It is handy for people in different time zones or needing help outside regular business hours. Since Ernie handles basic questions, the human customer service team has more time to deal with complicated issues.

These kinds of problems need a human touch, like giving detailed advice. With Ernie taking the easy stuff, staff can spend more time on these challenging tasks. When customers get fast answers, they’re happier. Nobody likes to wait a long time for help. Ernie’s quick responses mean customers feel listened to and cared for, which makes them think better of the company.

Ernie is a versatile educational tool

Ernie is programmed to break down hard-to-understand topics into simple terms. Whether it’s elementary school or college, Ernie adjusts the complexity of its explanations. Doing so can provide straightforward explanations for younger students and detailed ones for older or advanced learners. Also, not everyone learns in the same way. Ernie customizes how it presents information to suit different learning styles.

For example, some students prefer visual explanations. Ernie can use images, videos, and interactive elements to make learning more enjoyable. Instead of reading a textbook, students engage with the material in a way that keeps their attention and helps them understand better. Ernie responds instantly to students. This immediate feedback is crucial for learning. It helps students understand their mistakes and correct them quickly.

Ernie’s strategic approach to marketing content creation

Ernie can look at data about what customers like and don’t like. It learns about trends and what people are interested in. Because of this, it knows what different customers want to hear. Ernie keeps an eye on what’s popular and trending. When it makes marketing materials, it makes sure they fit with the current style or what people are talking about.

It keeps the ads or product descriptions fresh and relevant. Whether social media, websites, or email, Ernie tailors its messages for different places. The marketing feels right whether someone sees it on their phone, computer, or in an email. Its understanding of market trends and consumer preferences allows the creation of more effective and targeted marketing campaigns, improving the impact of marketing efforts across diverse platforms and mediums.

The potential future of Ernie

Artificial Intelligence, like Ernie, is going to change our world. The exciting part is that this is just the beginning. When someone chats with Ernie, it learns and gets better at helping us. Imagine the benefits if Ernie were to teach in educational apps or train in fitness apps. It would know all about you and give advice that’s perfect for your needs.

We’re not dreaming here. It’s the future where artificial intelligence is actively creating, leading us toward an era of increased efficiency and personalization in essential aspects of our lives.

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