Explosions in Israel – Palestinians launch hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities – all details of the attack – photos and videos

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Conflict between Israel and Palestine erupts with renewed vigor: more than 300 injured. All the details, updated

On the morning of October 7, thousands of rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza. Residents of southern and central cities were ordered to stay near shelters and take care of their own safety. For its part, the Israeli army began conducting air strikes on Palestine.

In addition, armed Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory and organized chaotic machine-gun attacks. OBOZREVATEL is following the Palestinian-Israeli conflict online (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos and videos).

There are casualties among civilians. Dozens of wounded people are also reported. One of the rockets hit a building in Tel Aviv. In addition, the sounds of explosions were heard in Jerusalem. A fire broke out in a building in Tel Aviv as a result of a direct hit by a missile. The video shows significant destruction as a result of the terrorist attack.

12:06 IDF spokesman Daniel Agari says that the Israeli army will soon unleash its full force on the Gaza Strip. The defense ministry spokesman also noted that defense forces are currently focused on clearing settlements in the south of the country. Additional forces continue to be deployed to the combat zone.

11:58 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes his first public statement after the massive attack by the Hamas terrorist group. The head of government said that the country is in a state of war. Netanyahu also promised that “the enemies will pay a price they have never known before.”

11:55 Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko said on Facebook that the ministry has set up an operational headquarters to help Ukrainians in Israel. He also said that there are no Ukrainian citizens among the victims of the fighting so far. The Ukrainian embassy is in constant contact with the Israeli authorities and major hospitals.

In case of emergency, Ukrainian citizens should contact the hotlines: Embassy of Ukraine in Israel: + 972 546 676 782, the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Ramallah: + 972 59 823 93 99.

11:40 The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that Hamas controls 7 Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip. In some places, the terrorists have penetrated more than 20 km. It is also known that the militants have kidnapped 35 Israelis.

10:52 Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says Hamas has declared war on Israel. According to him, the terrorist group made a serious mistake by launching a surprise attack on Israel with rockets and penetrating cities on the border with the Gaza Strip.

“This morning Hamas made a serious mistake by launching a war against the State of Israel. IDF soldiers are fighting the enemy at all infiltration sites. Israel will win this war,” Gallant said.

10:45 After a massive rocket attack, Hamas terrorists continued to kill Israelis with small arms. Civilians in the south of the country are forced to flee. Meanwhile, militants continue to shoot civilians in the back. The exact number of victims of the morning attack on Israel is currently unknown.

10:36 Hamas publishes images showing terrorists infiltrating Israel and an IDF military post on the border with the Gaza Strip.

10:30 Hamas militants have taken an Israeli military SUV into the Gaza Strip. According to preliminary reports, the bodies of the dead IDF soldiers were taken to Palestine. Residents abuse the bodies of the dead

10:05 Palestinian terrorists have barricaded themselves in a building in the city of Sderot in southern Israel. The IDF forces are working at the site and the military is trying to eliminate the militants and knock them out of the building. Residents are posting footage of the IDF’s special operation.

The terrorists entered Israel in SUVs armed with machine guns, small arms and grenade launchers. In addition, some of the militants “landed” in Israel with parachutes.

09:00 Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declares a state of emergency within 80 kilometers of the Gaza Strip. This area includes the major cities of Tel Aviv and Beersheba. This order allows the military to restrict gatherings and close areas to movement.

In addition, the defense minister approved a large-scale conscription of reservists after a sudden attack on Israel. The number of reservists called up will depend on the needs of the military.

08:50 The Israeli Defense Forces has published a map showing which areas were most affected by the massive rocket attack. The agency also stated that it is ready to confront the terrorists. It is also confirmed that terrorists entered Israel from the Gaza Strip. Israeli residents were asked to stay in their homes.

It is worth noting that the Israeli military is conducting air strikes on the Gaza Strip. The strikes were carried out almost two hours after Hamas launched a surprise attack.

Israel’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, is assessing and approving action plans. He said that Hamas, which was behind the attack, would be held responsible for the consequences. The Israel Defense Forces also stated that it is ready for war against Palestine.

As of 8:30 a.m., it was reported that continuous rocket fire had been going on for more than two hours. Hamas terrorist groups have infiltrated at least one city in the south of the country through the border. Terrorists are trying to break into Israel with the help of parachutes, boats and ground vehicles.

It is reported that Palestinian militants have begun to open fire on civilians. As a result of the attacks, the number of victims is growing. Israeli media published footage showing dead civilians.

Hamas military commander Mohammad Deif issued a statement in which he called the morning’s attacks and infiltrations into Israel “the day of the great revolution.” The terrorists called on Israeli Arabs to take up arms and join the attack. He also called for “Islamic resistance” in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

One of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, celebrates and prays for a terrorist operation in Israel. The social network showed footage of militant leaders watching footage of the shelling and invasion of Israel and starting to pray.

It is worth noting that Palestinian terrorists are deliberately killing Israeli civilians. Horrific footage of dead civilians has been posted on social media. Moreover, Hamas militants abuse the bodies of the dead.

In July 2023, Israel conducted a large-scale military operation. It launched the largest strike on the Palestinian city of Jenin since 2002. The Israeli army used missiles, as well as helicopters and drones. The operation involved about 150 armored vehicles, about a thousand soldiers of the Elite Special Forces and the army, intelligence, police and border guard.

It was reported that Israeli fighter jets struck a Syrian Arab Army base on the evening of September 13. The military base is located near the port city of Tartus, which led to unrest among the local population.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Israeli Defense Forces is using an artificial intelligence system to select targets more quickly during air strikes. The IDF military assures that the results of the AI work are controlled by human operators, and it is them, not the machine, who approve each target for attack.

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