Fake candidates, hallucinated jobs: How AI could poison online hiring

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Next year will see some kind of embarrassing calamity related to artificial intelligence and hiring.

That’s according to Forrester’s predictions for 2024, which prophesied that the heavy use of AI by both candidates and recruiters will lead to at least one well-known company to hire a nonexistent candidate, and at least one business to hire a real candidate for a nonexistent job.

“We think that there will be a bit of AI mischief in talent management and recruiting,” says J.P. Gownder, vice president and principal analyst on Forrester’s future of work team. “AI can create all of these incredible, new, magical moments, but it also creates what we call mayhem, which is when things start to go a little haywire.”

Gownder envisions two ways this “mischief” and “mayhem” could go down.

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