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The car company Ferrari has started accepting payments in crypto-wallets in the US for all its luxury sports cars, which it plans to ship in Europe as well, reports Reuters. It’s the company’s marketing and sales guide. A large part of the companies are making chips that are away from cryptocurrencies, as the volatility of bitcoin and other tokens makes them impractical for trading. The irregular regulation and the higher energy demand also limit the respect of the payment speed. Among the companies affected is electric car maker Tesla, which in 2021 will begin accepting payments in bitcoin, before CEO Elon Musk said On this option, there are problems with the surrounding area. Eco crypto Ferrari UK’s chief mapping and transport desk has commented that the automaker has set out to reduce its carbon footprint by introducing new software and greater use of renewable sources. Ferrara stated that the problem is in response to the demand from stores and dealers, so many of their clients have invested in crypto-wallets. Although some cryptocurrencies that have grown in size have improved energy and efficiency, bitcoin is still criticized because its currency is energy-efficient. It is not yet clear why the car is expected to be delivered by Ferrari through the ports. Illustrative Photo by Vincenzo Malagoli:

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