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Over the course of the next week, top executives from Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Corp. will be visiting India in an effort to court the nation’s millions of programmers and encourage the use of AI services in a critical market. Next week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will visit Bangalore, the heart of the nation’s technological innovation, to speak with developers and technologists about “discovering new opportunities with AI.” He will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of next-generation AI with Mumbai’s business elites. In a different event, Google Chief Scientist Jeff Dean will address researchers, developers, and startups in Bangalore on the next frontier of AI. He will also take part in a fireside chat regarding India’s contribution to enabling AI to drive significant societal impact.

The simultaneous appearances underscore the significance of India for businesses as well as the larger AI industry. At a time when AI talent is frequently in short supply, India is emerging as one of the largest pools of talent for startups and multinational organizations, with over 5 million programmers. Nvidia Corp. CEO Jensen Huang stated that India may become the world’s biggest supplier of AI expertise while on a vacation there last year.”In the next five to ten years, there will be a global shift toward artificial intelligence, and Indian developers will be at the center of it,” stated Nandan Nilekani, chairman of Infosys Ltd., the second-largest information services company in Asia. Nilekani continued, “The Indian developer will determine which AI stack will dominate,” alluding to the several technological strata that make up rival AI systems.Before moving to the US for graduate school, Nadella and Google CEO Sundar Pichai both studied engineering as young adults growing up in India. The AI push could define both of their careers. The transition to AI has been dubbed “bigger than the internet” by Pichai and “Microsoft’s moment” by Nadella.Ahmed Mazhari, president of Microsoft Asia, cited developer activity on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned platform for developers, as evidence of India’s expanding impact in AI. According to a statement released by Mazhari, “one in four AI projects on GitHub comes from India today.” India will surpass the US by 2026. India is in a unique position to facilitate the widespread application of AI both domestically and abroad.Microsoft recently declared that it would provide 100,000 Indian developers with training on the newest AI tools and technologies. Nearly half a million developers with expertise in AI and data sciences were tallied by Nasscom, the trade association for the Indian technology sector, last year. Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice president of Nasscom, stated that it is reasonable to anticipate that many more leading AI businesses will relocate to India. She claimed that major providers of technology services, such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., are training hundreds of thousands of engineers and advancing AI at breakneck pace. “Developers can expedite the transition, and enterprises want to adopt AI,” the speaker stated.

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