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Bard AI is a conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google as a counterpart to ChatGPT. Isolate and copy the 3D logo on the surface.

AI chatbot Google Bard is one of the fastest evolving apps in Google’s collection at the moment, and it looks like its branding is about to evolve too, with Google planning to change its name to Gemini.

This comes from developer Dylan Roussel (via Engadget), who apparently discovered a list of updates coming to Google Bard. The date is next Wednesday, February 7th, and the headline change is that Bird’s name will be changed to Gemini.

Google Gemini is the name of the next generation AI model currently powering Bard, so in a way it makes sense to get rid of one of its nicknames. Also worth noting is that, at least in the US, it looks like there will also be a dedicated Android app.

According to the update, Gemini for Android will integrate with apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. If you have an iPhone, Google says you can try Gemini through the existing Google app for iOS.

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Another piece of information from this leak is that a paid subscription tier called Gemini Advanced will be introduced. This has been rumored for some time, and means Google will rival OpenAI and ChatGPT in having both free and paid AI bot layers.

Speaking of previous rumors, tipster @AssembleDebug (via Android Police) discovered a contact page for Bard (soon to be Gemini) in Google Messages. The idea is that you can chat with the AI just like any other contact.

Hints about this integration first surfaced last month, and it’s something apps like Snapchat are already doing. It looks like most apps will have Google’s AI assistant installed somewhere.

All of this is yet to be confirmed, but it looks like this could be one of the biggest weeks for Google’s AI projects yet. As for Apple, it is expected to announce its own generative AI efforts in conjunction with the release of iOS 18 later this year.

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