How about some hearings on human disinformation and electoral interference instead of so-called AI disinformation?

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The Senate is worried about disinformation and interference in the 2024 election by artificial intelligence. It appears they think the computers have programmed themselves.

Senate lawmakers agree they need to take action on the use of artificial intelligence-generated deepfakes ahead of the 2024 election cycle — but they so far can’t see eye-to-eye on how to best tackle it through legislation.

Members of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration during a hearing Wednesday disagreed for the most part along party lines on the appropriate role the government should play in regulating deceptive, AI-generated political content.

I’ll believe that the media and other Democrats care about election interference and misinformation the day they apologize for all the intentional lies and misinformation that they have spread over the last several elections.

Trump is despised by many voters because they say he is divisive because he vociferously fought back against the lies by the media, Justice Department, other Democrats, and never-Trumpers instead of quietly taking it. Trump’s policies were successful and popular. The cabal of attackers would have sought to destroy him even if he was a squish who never tweeted a word.

Hillary and the DNC paid for the fake Russian dossier before Trump took office.

Here is a sample of misinformation or lies that Trump had to deal with for the last seven years:

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