I experimented with gen AI to boost my creativity for a year. This is what I learned

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In the fast-paced world of marketing, I’ve always approached creativity as an organization’s bread and butter, with innovation as the knife that spreads it. As the VP of marketing at Hootsuite, I’ve found an unexpected ally in this creative quest — artificial intelligence and, more specifically, ChatGPT.

I’ve incorporated AI as an integral part of my strategy and brainstorming process in the past year — transforming the way I think, create, and deliver business value for my organization. Here are five ways it’s made an impact.

My years in agency life at BBDO have ingrained in me a love for structured creativity. The “Get-Who-To-By-Because” brief has always been a staple in my toolbox. It helps zone in on who I am trying to target, pushes me to identify the pain point I am trying to solve, how I plan to solve it, the key message that I’m trying to drive home, and the why behind the entire campaign.

Recently I began using ChatGPT to reframe these briefs. By feeding it relevant information and asking for multiple versions of a brief within the “Get-Who-To-By-Because” format, I’ve been amazed by the unexpected perspectives it offers. This process has helped fuel my creativity. Coupled with my experience in the creative space and deep understanding of my customer, it ensures that the final output is both human-centric and insight-driven.

We all know that data is king. But the interpretation of any data is the key to the kingdom. ChatGPT’s ability to dive into vast public data pools has been a game changer for developing customer personas.

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