Investors say Meme Moguls (MGLS), ApeCoin (APE), and Cosmos (ATOM) are better investments than Bitcoin (BTC)

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Although Bitcoin is the king of crypto, the ROI of any investment is never going to match that of a bullish altcoin, due to the market cap size of 738.5 billion dollars. As NFTs and memes regain popularity we look at three smaller projects – Meme Moguls, ApeCoin, and Cosmos – that have the potential to bring greater returns than BTC. ApeCoin Price Spikes Sharply ApeCoin is the token that underpins one of the most famous and valuable NFT collections – Bored Ape Yacht Club. This project is being built into a metaverse that will be powered by APE. ApeCoin recently dropped as low as $1.30, not far from its all-time low of $1.01 about two months ago. The popular influencer Kaleo shared his thoughts on the social media platform X. He predicted that the APE token may be the next cryptocurrency to surge in value after the recent rallies seen in Blur (BLUR) and LooksRare (LOOKS). Kaleo drew comparisons between APE and other altcoins that had breakout performances in the current market. APE has been up by $0.05 since Kaleo wrote the post. So what’s changed? Firstly, several venture capitalists have now unloaded their holdings. Next, strong hype around Web3 gaming and the Otherside metaverse development is helping too. The only thing holding ApeCoin back is that Yuga Labs is still holding a large chunk of tokens. But with the VC selling pressure out of the way, and the Otherside building continuing, ApeCoin has room to run. At the time of writing, ApeCoin is at $1.74, with analysts seeing $1.95 as the next target, on the way to $2. Cosmos Offers Interoperability for NFTs. Cosmos isn’t the first chain you think of when you consider NFTs. In fact, if you search Dappradar all you’ll see is the seemingly defunct Stargaze marketplace. But this might be because Cosmos is more like a blockchain of blockchains, promoting interoperability. And Cosmos building interoperable NFTs. This is exciting because currently, if you buy your NFT on Ethereum or any other blockchain, it’s stuck there unless the devs decide to move chains which can be a long and costly process. That can be frustrating for users who don’t check in on their holdings and miss the bridging time period, as happened to some Axie Infinity holders. This interoperability standard is the key to what makes Cosmos such a bullish project – uniting the ever-fragmenting blockchain landscape. And while we wait for that, Bluzelle is launching Capella on Cosmos. NFT expert Kaleo (mentioned above), is also longing for Cosmos’s ATOM. Meme Moguls Will Connect the Memecoin Community Meme Moguls is also looking to unite a disparate field of crypto, and that’s the memecoin industry. Although you can look up the various memecoins and their valuations at CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, that’s about it. If you own a Bored Ape you can get access to member-only spaces, but with a floor of $56,000, that’s not realistic for most people. With Meme Moguls, an upcoming game on Ethereum, memecoin lovers will be able to play, trade, and share their wisdom and insights, as well as find a community to enjoy banter with. The Meme Moguls team wants their community to find and capitalize on the hottest memes while earning NFTs and MGLS tokens. Since MGLS is in the very early stage of presale, it is set to rise by 1000x in the presale, and then even more when it gets listed on exchanges. Holders will receive various features and benefits including positive price action, which will be easy due to the low market cap. The beta stage has just sold out so the price has slightly increased to $0.0021 from $0.00019, so there’s still plenty of room for early birds to take advantage of the price increases and regular big prize giveaways for MGLS presale supporters. Visit Meme Moguls

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