Israeli forces move deeper into Gaza

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Technology: President Biden issued an executive order outlining the federal government’s first regulations on artificial intelligence. Cryptocurrency: Sam Bankman-Fried faced prosecutors in his fraud trial today. Politics: Donald Trump’s attacks on President Biden’s age have been weakened by his own verbal slips. Crime: The Maine mass shooter was denied a silencer by a gun shop after he disclosed that he had mental health issues. Law: A trial in Colorado will consider whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump from holding office. U.S.: America’s electric grids may need to expand by two-thirds by 2035 to handle clean energy growth, the Energy Department said. Asia: The Pakistani government abruptly declared that all foreign citizens without documents had to leave, forcing 70,000 Afghans home. Business: X handed out stock grants to employees that showed it was worth about $19 billion. Elon Musk bought the firm for $44 billion a year ago. Climate: Global warming has challenged France’s strict cheesemaking rules. Sports: FIFA barred Luis Rubiales, the former head of Spain’s soccer federation, from the sport for three years after he forcibly kissed a player after the Women’s World Cup final.

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