Labour impact of AI focus of Italy G7 presidency – Calderone – English

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(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 9 – The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) systems on the labour market will be a focus of the Italian G7 presidency in 2024, Labour Minister Marina Calderone said on Monday.

“I am pleased to pre-announce that the topic of the impact of artificial intelligence on our labour markets will be among those we intend to focus on during the Italian G7 presidency next year,” said Calderone during the EU employment and social policy council meeting in Luxembourg.

It is necessary, added the minister, to “continue to carefully monitor the development of automated systems and to be prepared to take new coordinated initiatives at European level and with our partners, also anticipating displacement effects”.

“In this perspective, social dialogue can and must play an important role on issues such as continuous training, countering deskilling and job upgrading,” she continued, adding that it will be necessary to update the instruments of the European Semester, the tool used at European level to monitor national progress on economic and fiscal policies, “to take into account the new challenges, paying more attention to the quality of working conditions and workers’ welfare, but also to avoid new forms of discrimination”.

“In general, we need global governance mechanisms that are capable of ensuring that these technologies respect ethical barriers,” concluded Calderone. (ANSA).

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