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The demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills is booming in India, and Mumbai is one of the hottest hubs for AI job seekers. Whether you are an experienced AI engineer or a fresh graduate looking to kickstart your career, Mumbai offers a plethora of job opportunities in AI. In this article, we have compiled a list of prominent companies in Mumbai that are actively hiring AI professionals. From global technology giants to startups, these companies are at the forefront of AI advancements and offer a diverse range of roles and opportunities. So, if you are ready to embark on an AI career in Mumbai, read on to explore this list and pave your path to success in this exciting field.

Responsibilities: As a Management Level 9 position, the role requires a substantial level of experience, with a recommended work experience of 6-8 years. The ideal candidate will possess a strong foundation in AI technologies and have a proven track record in successfully delivering AI-driven projects. This role offers an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI solutions and contribute to the continuous advancement of AI capabilities in various industries.

Responsibilities: The company is currently seeking a passionate AI Engineer who will play a crucial role in enhancing the existing production systems. The primary focus of this role is to enable teams to extract value by leveraging AI-powered intelligent actionable insights. The AI Engineer will be responsible for exploring and implementing various approaches to generate insights and optimize the product and recommendation processes. Leveraging the existing systems, the candidate will work towards developing scalable end-to-end AI solutions that deliver exceptional business outcomes to address critical industry challenges.

Responsibilities: The AI Engineer will be responsible for assessing customer requirements and use cases, ensuring alignment with the capabilities of the AI solutions. They will collaborate with Architects and other Solution Engineer (SE) teams to propose appropriate solutions. Additionally, the AI Engineer will contribute to building reference models and approaches for integrating GPT-based products into wider Salesforce solution architectures, with a specific focus on leveraging the Data Cloud. Ensuring customer security and privacy, the candidate will work closely with customer security and privacy teams to align with trust capabilities and values of the solution(s).

Responsibilities: The AI Engineer will collaborate closely with software engineers and product managers to develop artificial intelligence algorithms that meet the criterion of being “effective,” which entails the ability to trace specific outputs back to particular inputs. Their role as an AI machine learning engineer will involve utilizing their passion for AI engineering to create a safe and efficient AI partner. The company specifically seeks a Lead – Machine Learning with a robust expertise in Analytics, Data mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.

Responsibilities: The ideal candidate should possess strong technical skills in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Statistics. They should also have experience working with Responsible AI frameworks and technical tools to implement techniques that adhere to principles and best practices. Additionally, the candidate should be familiar with methods for identifying data quality and bias, building trustworthy and explainable AI systems, and testing techniques to evaluate bias and trustworthiness of deployed AI systems.

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