Lots of developers are planning to embrace AI to help boost their coding skills

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New figures from Pluralsight have claimed almost three-quarters (74%) of software developers plan to upskill in AI-based coding.

The study of 3,000 developers uncovers the true extent of AI adoption among developers, with a long list of AI tools including GitHub Copilot all emerging over the past year.

At the same time, a staggering number of developers expressed their concern about AI interfering with their roles.

Earlier this year, a separate Stack Overflow study found that 55% of new-starter developers were using AI tools when learning to code. Later in September, GitLab proclaimed that artificial intelligence had become so prevalent in the industry that nine in 10 developers had resorted to using the tech to help them do their jobs.

However, nearly half (45%) of the Pularlsight study’s participants showed evidence of ‘AI skill threat’, which sees them increasingly concerned about their success in the industry amid rapid AI adoption. Many were anxious that their current competencies would become obsolete and that AI would begin to take over.

The study reveals that harnessing a culture of learning and belonging is key to mitigating these concerns.

Pluralsight VP of Research Insights, Dr Cat Hicks, said: “The human needs of developers matter profoundly in how this new technology is adopted and whether its implementation is successful.”

Hicks offered another positive projection for the future: “While there is marked uncertainty and anxiety among developers, our research underscores that core skills of lifelong learning and collaboration remain central to building software, and the future of AI-assisted coding relies on prioritizing a human-first approach.”

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