Master of investment: Djordje ‘Switzyman’ Novakovic’s journey from finance student to tech entrepreneur

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Wealth doesn’t grow in a savings account, but arguably multiplies with investment. Many renowned investors around the world have created success stories, becoming millionaires by making money work. Yet, decoding the intricate channels of investment can be challenging, and only a few have mastered it. Djordje Novakovic is a perfect example. Also known as ‘Switzyman’, he’s a multi-entrepreneur who has paved his way from starting as a finance student to becoming a successful tech entrepreneur. The value of investments can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Therefore before deciding to invest, please consult an independent financial adviser to better understand the risks and if such an investment is right for you. Starting his academic career with a scientific baccalaureate in France, he moved to pursue higher studies at HEC Lausanne, one of the best business schools in Switzerland, and he has never looked back. Expanding his knowledge in finance, Djordje pursued a Master’s degree in risk management and investment in London, which eventually helped him decode the intricacies of the global financial market. Djordje never limited his knowledge to books and theories only, he wanted to go out and gain practical experience. That’s when he gathered the courage and started investing in cryptocurrency, broadening his resources. As his investments grew and brought returns, Djordje found recognition among people who wanted to follow in his footsteps. To share his knowledge with the world, Djordje created a learning platform where he shared his knowledge and insights into the financial market. Interested people visited his website, subscribed, and started learning about his investment strategies. To take this initiative a step ahead, he designed online sources that became valuable resources for inexperienced investors. With his earnings from investment and online educational courses, Djordje ventured into the property industry. However, he didn’t stop coaching people who were interested in securing their financial future with investment. He realised the need for an experienced coach in the financial space and stepped in to fill the gap. After gaining success in property and as a coach, Djordje decided to explore the ever-evolving tech space and founded a tech company that leverages the potential of investors’ performance indicators. His platform helps people access comprehensive information on performance indicators, and also learning strategies to effectively implement them. The company caters to the needs of both new and seasoned retail investors. Hailing from Geneva in Switzerland, a city renowned in the realm of finance, Djordje was exposed to the industry from an early age. He further went on to explore opportunities to network with big names in the financial space and gradually started learning from their experiences. He combined his education and practical experience to build a successful career as an entrepreneur and investor. Though knowledgeable and having a strong entrepreneurial background, people around Djordje were sceptical about his choice of an unconventional career. Some even considered him a fool and arrogant to ditch the traditional path in order to follow an industry known for high risk and unpredictability. Djordje never let these perceptions weigh down his ambitions, instead using them as motivation to pave his successful journey. Djordje never strived for unsustainable efforts in multiple areas; instead, he focused on making consistent efforts in one area of interest. He always keeps an open mind that easily adapts to any change in any situation. Djordje believes adaptability is an invaluable asset in this ever-changing world of finance and entrepreneurship. Now, Djordje intends to limit his presence on social networks in order to devote more of his time and energy to developing his tech business. He aims to grow and innovate, standing as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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