Microsoft is improving the look of gaming with AI Super Resolution in Windows 11 24H2

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The latest use Microsoft has found for artificial intelligence is to boost graphics and performance in games in Windows 11. As can be seen in the latest preview builds of the operating system, the company is preparing to unleash an AI-powered feature called “super resolution”.

Also known as AI SR and Auto SR, super resolution can be applied on an app-by-app basis. In order to take advantage of the feature, users will have to have a PC with an AI NPU — a requirement that is likely to become increasingly common.

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While this is not the first time we have heard about this feature, it is the first evidence of its existence in publicly available builds of Windows 11. There is a new option in the Settings apps under System > Display > Graphics where a toggle labelled “Automatic super resolution” can be found. It has the description:

Use AI to make supported game play more smoothly with enhanced details

News of the feature and screenshots were shared on X by PhantomOfEarth:

Just how effective the new feature is remains to be seen.

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