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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Communication and Informatics Minister Budi Arie Setiadi warned of abuse of artificial intelligence (AI) to create negative content, such as deep fake in the digital space, during the 2024 General Election.

“Later, during the election, people can fight because of (AI) abuse. For instance, (using AI) to create fake voice and image,” he noted here on Thursday.

Setiadi remarked that AI, which can be used to create misinformation, can potentially trigger conflicts in society and influence the electoral process.

He noted that the benefits and harms caused by AI technology come along with the rapid developments in technology.

Hence, he stressed that it is important to understand the potential risks and impacts of using AI in various aspects of life, including in the general election implementation.

“You can fight with your friends because of the sophistication of AI. That is why we must maintain the (security in) digital space,” he remarked.

According to Setiadi, a regulation related to the use of AI needs to be made, but it requires in-depth study to understand the impact and maintain the ethics of AI utilization.

He emphasized that the government is currently in the process of studying to develop regulations on AI.

He also cautioned against being rash and not having a deep and careful understanding while making regulations. Meanwhile, he said that the government is focusing on studying the ethics of using AI.

“We are studying this. We must not change regulations too often, (and only) by really digging into the AI impact and (understanding the) ethics (in using AI) is certainly the one (way ahead),” he remarked.

Regarding the potential spread of false news on social media during the election period, Setiadi said his side is committed to tackling the spread of hoaxes, slander, and hate speech through technological, cultural, and democratic approaches.

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