MoS IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar To Support Development Of Data For AI Models

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Union Minister of State for Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar confirmed the submission of seven working committees’ official report on the Centre’s India AI strategy, according to a media report on Friday.

The latter is a multi-year road map developing an India Datasets platform to collect, organise and build foundational artificial intelligence (AI) models using anonymised data, the report said additionally.

The India AI will help to indigenously develop AI computing infrastructure in a public-private partnership (PPP) model.

Addressing the media after the report submission, Chandrasekhar underlined the two key areas of the India AI programme -support for startups and a comprehensive skilling programme. He further highlighted it as the country’s datasets and AI computing platform.

Chandrasekhar emphasised the final programme will be a public-private partnership project creating a substantial graphics processing unit (GPU) having the capacity for startups and researchers to train AI models. The India datasets platform will be one of the largest and most diverse collections of anonymised datasets training multi-parameter AI models. It will also significantly support the development of AI chips in partnership with the Semicon India programme, the Minister added.

He said under the India AI report, the Centre is at present in the middle of consultations for the National Strategy for Robotics drafts which was opened for the industry’s consultations on 4 September and is still accepting feedback until 31 October. Further, the Minister said the scope for growing AI datasets, monetisation, and regulation of AI and related technologies will come under the ambit of the upcoming Digital India Act which is on the verge of starting consultations.

The formal India AI report will be the fulcrum of the Indian AI strategy. The road map is not just limited to generative AI, but it is a deep, multi-year strategy to make the country’s AI an enabler of its USD 1 trillion digital economy goal.

He said the advanced technology will be deployed in real-life use cases spanning different fields – agriculture, healthcare, education, fintech, cyber security, governance through digital public infrastructure and languages through the Bhashini programme.

Chandrasekhar stressed we believe AI can have a transformational effect in these areas and catalyse the startup ecosystem that is already fuelling Digital India. Underling the important application of AI in Industry 4.0 and robotics the draft of the National Strategy for Robotics is released for public consultation, he added.

The consultation is open to startups, researchers, enterprises and manufacturing companies in a way to complete a strategic planning for India’s AI,” he said.

Meanwhile, under the new India AI strategy detailed on Friday, both academia and industry players will play a vital role in the development of AI datasets and compute infrastructure. Tech majors Google and Zoho Corp’s name is already in talks as per reports.

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