New drama with Denise Richards and Wesley Snipes series eerily ‘predicted’ FTX downfall

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The world of cryptocurrency and FTX has been hitting the headlines recently as the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried continues. American entrepreneur and alleged fraudster Bankman-Fried is currently in court after the founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and associated trading firm Alameda Research experienced a high-profile collapse resulting in chapter 11 bankruptcy in late 2022. He lost $32billion in the collapse and the US Securities and Exchange Commission allege he orchestrated a years-long fraud by diverting investors’ funds to Alameda and using them to make venture investments, lavish real estate purchases and large political donations. For all the latest on news, politics, sports, and showbiz from the USA, go to The Mirror US. READ MORE: Colin Farrell’s bad boy past from sex tape to mega drugs binge and dating Britney Spears However, years earlier award-winning director Robert Gillings had put pen to paper on an idea for a seemingly far-fetched drama series. which now looks as though it has turned out to be a lot less of a fictional idea than first thought. The initial storyline of upcoming show Paper Empire appears to spookily tally up close to the story of Bankman-Fried. With two series already filmed and a third on the way, the action drama is described by IMDB as: “Laurence Fintch wants to be the planet’s financial saviour. His digital technology has been unleashed. His attempt to corner the world banks spirals out of control, bringing forth a global Financial Armageddon.” It is set to take the world by storm next Spring with hard-hitting scenes and a star-studded cast featuring the likes of Wesley Snipes, Denise Richards, Kelsey Grammer and Robert Davi to name just a few. Of course, as the whole storyline develops, it is a lot more dramatic and bloody than that of Bankman-Fried but Gillings was quick to point out the similarities in a recent chat with the Mirror. “I love that it [the Bankman-Fried story] has happened as now fiction has become fact. So now people are ready to watch it [Paper Empire] so I’m ready and it’s exciting to me. “Now, if my show was based on this, if it was 100% this aspect and didn’t go any further, yeah, then I might be in trouble. But the Sam Bankman-Fried slash Laurence Fintch scenario, it’s not the end. It’s the beginning. It’s just the beginning. The storyline just getting started because we’ve got a long way to go between now and a potential financial Armageddon. So I’m happy that the Bankman-Fried stuff sort of correlated I’m just hoping the financial Armageddon is fictional!” Opening up on the fantastic cast at his disposal, Gillings revealed how a bit of quick-thinking managed to secure Blade Runner’s Snipes. “I had no idea that we were going to get Wesley Snipes,” he said. “I was having dinner with [American film producer] Mike Tadross and he was on his cell phone, which he always is. And he says ‘what do you think? Would you like Wesley Snipes?’ I said well of course and he said ‘good’ and hands me the phone.” Thinking on his feet, Robert had to pitch his idea to the movie star and initially seemed to be losing his interest, until he explained just how rogue his bank president character will be. Selling the dream to him, he whet the appetite by saying his character would “kill his way to the top”. Opening up further on the stellar line-up, he had nothing but praise for their portrayals, labelling Denise Richards as brilliant at adlibbing in a number of scenes – especially those where he himself had to surprisingly jump in. He then described former James Bond villain Robert Davi, who plays Fintch, as “masterful”. “Robert Davi is an inspiration,” he gushed. “I’m watching Robert Davi perform, and he just dominated. He captured the screen… I wanted to know more – and I wrote it!” Paper Empire, set to be released next year, is sure to quench the thirst of thrill-seeking drama lovers with it’s action-packed showing. * Follow Mirror Celebs on Snapchat , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook, YouTube and Threads.

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