Not a parody: Peter Molyneux reveals NFT business sim Legacy

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Legacy – but why though? (Picture: Gala Games) The next game from the creator of Fable will involve blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, because of course it will. There was a point in time, thanks to games like Populous, Theme Park, and Fable that Peter Molyneux was regarded as one of the most famous and influential video game creators of all time. His legacy began to crumble though, when he left the Microsoft-owned Lionhead Studios and got into controversy over the ‘life-changing’ prize promised for mobile app Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube? and its connection to famous flop Godus – which despite earning hundreds of thousands in Kickstarter money is still in early access, a decade after it was first released. As a result of that, his subsequent games have been met with considerably less excitement amongst gamers, and yet somehow blockchain game Legacy allegedly managed to make £40 million before it was even properly released. Now the game, which is described as ‘an extraordinary journey where creativity, strategy, and business innovation meet’, is getting a full release on October 26 for PC and Mac. The game was conceived several years ago, when there seemed a real danger that NFT nonsense would take over the games industry, but thankfully gamers’ justified contempt for the concept saw major publishers, including Ubisoft, quickly abandoning the idea. Others, on the outskirts of the industry, haven’t given up though and Legacy will be published by Gala Games, who specialises in Web3 and NFT titles. The concept of Legacy involves designing and manufacturing your own virtual products to sell and trade with other players, although most of the money seems to be being spent on plots of land. The in-game equivalent of London went for $900,000 (£740,00) during early access but it remains to be seen if anyone can sell it for anything close to that in today’s market. Of course, when we say ‘money’ we actually mean cryptocurrency, with the game using one called LegacyCoin. More: TrendingSuper Mario Bros. Wonder preview – game of the year contenderEA Sports FC 24 review – the same but differentGames Inbox: Is Fortnite still popular? It all seems like a parody of what you’d imagine Peter Molyneux to do next and yet it’s a real thing that is coming out soon (just six days after Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder, amusingly). It’s not clear, however, whether this is the same project that Molyneux was hinting about earlier in the year and which he compared to Fable and Dungeon Keeper. Although there are elements of his older games in Legacy, it’s been in early access for years, so presumably the other game, that he was trying to be secretive about, is something else. Email, leave a comment below, follow us on Twitter, and sign-up to our newsletter. MORE : Dr Disrespect: NFT critics are ‘brain dead headline followers’ MORE : Square Enix promises multiple NFT games for 2023 – says market volatility is actually a good thing MORE : Minecraft bans NFTs saying they go against ‘the spirit’ of the game Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at To submit Inbox letters and Reader’s Features more easily, without the need to send an email, just use our Submit Stuff page here. For more stories like this, check our Gaming page. Sign up to all the exclusive gaming content, latest releases before they’re seen on the site.Sign upPrivacy Policy »This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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