Peter Thiel Reportedly Bankrolling ‘Olympics On Steroids’

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Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is betting on drugs for his next investment after chipping in a thus far unrevealed amount to bankroll the “Olympics on Steroids” – literally – with his donation to a sporting organization that will encourage athletes to take steroids to be the best they can be. The investor, who made a killing by being an early backer of PayPal and Facebook before cashing out to the tune of billions, is reportedly joining the effort that will allow athletes to dope “out in the open and honestly,” the New York Post reported. Billionaire Peter Thiel bankrolling ‘Olympics on steroids’ event that allows athletes to dope — New York Post (@nypost) February 1, 2024 The sporting organization is reportedly being launched by Dr. Aron D’Souza, a lawyer who helped Thiel sue Gawker Media. D’Souza says that the main goal behind the games is to help researchers study nutritional supplements and “biohacks” that push the boundaries of human performance. The doc is preparing to release more information about the plan in Paris in April during the Summer Olympics. But thus far, it appears that he has funds in the “high single-digit millions” from Thiel and others, including billionaire Christian Angermayer of Apeiron Investment Group and Balaji Srinivasan, the former chief technology officer of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the Post added. D’Souza said he plans to have athletes compete in sports such as swimming, gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field, and combat. He insists that “40 percent” of Olympic athletes use performance-enhancing drugs, but “only 1 percent get caught.” Apparently, he finds that hypocritical and wants a series of competitions where athletes can do anything to win. “My body, my choice, your body, your choice,” D’Souza exclaimed. “Individuals should be able to make choices about your body, and no one — whether it’s a sports federation or the government — should be able to tell them what to do about it,” D’Souza said. D’Souza also said his games will be open to all athletes, current or former, pro and amateur. And they will be allowed to use any substance they want to help researchers study “healthy aging.” “We think that this will create conditions by which we will get a much larger data pool of athletes and individuals who are aspiring to self-improvement through science,” D’Souza said, adding that it could be “very useful to determining compounds and therapies to extending human life.” D’Souza also says that he has heard from 900 people who want to compete in his new games. Thiel is already an investor in projects that aim to find ways to extend human life and beat the aging process. And Thiel will have some unspent cash in his pockets this year after announcing that he is sitting out from his usual political donating for the 2024 election cycle. Follow Warner Todd Huston on Facebook at:, or Truth Social @WarnerToddHuston

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